Woman’s psychology of sexy underwear

Open sexy underwear becomes fashionable

With the change of the times, women’s demand for underwear has also changed.No longer just pursuing comfort and practicality, more and more women have begun to use underwear as an important prop to show their figure and highlight sexy charm.One of the popular sexy underwear is to open the sexy underwear.

Sexy temptation becomes the main power of purchase

Most women who buy sexy underwear are mostly to show their charm and sexy through underwear.While providing sexy underwear, it emphasizes temptation and challenges.Many women believe that wearing open sexy underwear can make themselves more confident and sexy, and can also stimulate the sensory experience of themselves and their partners.

Liberate body and release passion

As a representative of sexy fashion, in addition to highlighting sexy charm, it is also liberated from the restraint.The small opening may make many people feel incredible, but for women in this sexy underwear, it is a kind of liberation and release.Putting on the puppet -to -ie -tadpole underwear makes them feel more free, and also releases a small reserved, which can also stimulate the depths of their hearts.

Enhance the change of sex life

Many people think that in a fun life, opening and sexy underwear is a very good adjustment.Sometimes, sexual life is tedious, and some changes need to be added to improve the fun life of both parties.And putting on the open -hearted underwear can not only meet the visual needs of both parties, but also stimulate the sensory sensory of the body more, enhance the interactive experience of both parties, and make the interesting life between the two people richer and changeable.

Caters to the needs of some heterosexual and bisexual crowd

Kaigan sexy underwear is aimed at some heterosexual and bisexual crowds, because this sexy underwear is characterized by the opening of the crotch to make the private part of the woman expose, so that the partner can better observe.This can not only enhance the experience of sex life, but also meet the sexual fantasies and needs of both parties.But it should be noted that not everyone will accept this irritating experience and need to reach a consensus in the common communication between the two parties.

Be wary of damage to women’s bodies

Due to the special nature of the design of the sexy underwear, it may cause certain potential damage to the female body.Because at the mouth of the crotch, it often rubs with private parts after wearing, which may cause female friends to have tingling or itching.Therefore, before buying, female friends should also choose the size and corresponding materials that suits them according to their own figure characteristics and needs.

The choice of open sexy underwear should focus on quality

When there is the idea of buying open sexy underwear, friends may wish to pay more attention to its quality and fabric.You know, the poor quality of the open -crosstick underwear will bring more discomfort to the body, and it is not easy to wash and maintain.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the material and quality when choosing to prevent unnecessary trouble and loss of open sexy underwear with poor quality.

Precautions for matching and dressed hygiene

In the process of opening the sexy underwear, it is also very important to match.In addition to considering coordination with the color of the clothes and the same style, we must also pay attention to avoid being too complicated and easy to confuse and produce discomfort.In addition, female friends also need to pay attention to hygiene when they are wearing, because the crotch opens the private parts, and they need to replace them regularly and maintain personal hygiene.

Walk out of wearing, take pictures of strange circles, and use it as a fashion element to match

Some female friends go out or take photos in the open -hearted underwear, which is often considered strange or un respects.In fact, opening and sexy underwear is not just a kind of props in fun life, but also a trend in fashion elements.You only need to match your clothes correctly, which can turn Kaixiong’s sexy underwear into fashion items, which coexist with popularity and sexy.

Based on your own needs and personality, choose to open a sexy underwear

Finally, you should also see your personal needs and personality when choosing to open your sexy underwear.When choosing a type of underwear, you must consider your body and personal preferences, and you should not blindly pursue the trend and fashion, nor should you ignore your comfortable experience and psychological needs.

In short, Kaifu’s sexy underwear has long been not only a prop prop, but also a fashion element.Whether you are obsessed with sex life or sexy and fashionable, as long as you understand the correct understanding, it is a wonderful experience to wear open and sexy underwear.

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