Why is there no erotic underwear in the physical store


When buying sexy underwear, many people choose to buy online instead of buying in a physical store.This phenomenon has existed for a long time.Why is there no erotic underwear in the physical store?Let’s discuss together!

cultural background

Many people feel that sexy underwear is an embarrassing thing, because in Chinese culture, sexual topics are not an open topic, and many parents will prohibit their children from discussing these topics.Therefore, it is not easy to spread in the cultural background.

Laws and regulations

Sex underwear is considered a spam, that is, they may contain bad information or unsafe links.Therefore, laws and regulations in many countries or regions have special restrictions and regulations for sexy underwear, making it more difficult to spread.

Market demand

Physical stores often choose to sell products according to market demand, and the market demand for sex underwear is not large. In the case of imbalanced men and women, women’s demand for sexy underwear is relatively low.

Cost issue

The production cost of sexy underwear is relatively high, but the sales volume is relatively limited. Therefore, physical stores often do not consider selling sexy underwear.In addition, if the sexy underwear cannot be sold, the cost will not be recycled, which makes it difficult for physical stores to choose to sell this product.

Cultural cognition

Cultural cognition also affects the operating decisions of physical stores.In fact, many physical store operators themselves do not solve the culture of affectionate underwear, so they will not try to sell, nor will they consider selling such products, which will lead to lack of sexy underwear in the store.

Seek business cooperation

At present, some physical stores cooperate with online sex underwear sellers to provide them with channels for selling sexy underwear.This can not only increase sales, but also improve the profitability of physical stores.

Brand influence

Physical stores generally choose a certain brand to get more loyal consumers.However, in the field of sexy underwear, consumers will be more inclined to choose online stores, because online shops often provide more types of products, the price is cheaper, the purchase is more convenient and fast, which will competition for physical stores.

Consumer privacy

I believe that many consumers will feel that buying sexy underwear is a very private thing.If you buy it in a physical store, consumers may face an embarrassing situation, so many people will choose to buy sexy underwear in non -real stores to protect their privacy.

in conclusion

In short, under the influence of many factors, physical stores often choose not selling sexy underwear.However, over time, the cultural cognition of products such as sex underwear in society will gradually increase, and consumer demand will gradually increase. Therefore, the market share of sexy underwear in the future still has great potential.The store also has a lot of room for improvement and perfect.

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