Why do foreigners like sexy underwear


In today’s world, sexy underwear is not just a practical underwear, it has also become a fashion, charm, stimulus, and even social part.Especially abroad, foreigners have used sexy underwear as a fashion trend. They like to wear them, especially for those sexy and connotative sexy underwear. Foreigners love to add.This article will discuss why foreigners like sexy underwear from multiple perspectives.

cultural difference

Culture will have an impact on people’s aesthetics, values, and behavior methods, and sex underwear is not the same as the cognition of Chinese and Western culture.In Western countries, sexual concepts are more open, and their attitudes towards sex will be more relaxed, so they will accept sexy underwear higher.

Reflect individuality

In foreign countries, sexy underwear is regarded as a state that can reflect women’s personality. Generally, it will be used in private occasions to rendering the atmosphere, expressing sexy, and even inspiring inner self -confidence.

Enhance the charm

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance the charm of women, so under the corresponding circumstances, it will attract more heterosexual fate, so that women can feel that they are more valuable and more attractive.

Solving underwear style is single

For women in Western countries, only when wearing erotic underwear can we feel more obvious and more confident.Otherwise, the underwear style that most women choose are too monotonous and have no new ideas. They cannot make themselves more representative and more personalized.

Health factors

The material and production process of sexy underwear are different from general underwear. When wearing, it can fit the body curve more, so that the body’s gloriousness can be more displayed.At the same time, wearing erotic underwear can also increase body temperature, increase the speed of metabolism, have a lot of benefits to the body, and help health.

It’s hard to find elsewhere

Due to the low demand for sexy underwear, the sexy lingerie styles seen in some foreign markets are very novel and special, and they are almost impossible to obtain elsewhere. Therefore, it will become one of the collectors and enthusiasts.

Gender awareness

Men and women’s equality is one of the important ideas of modern civilized society. Men also have the need to wear sexy underwear.In some foreign markets, there are also sexy men’s sexy underwear made for men around the world, which fully reflects the progress and practice of gender equality.

Social occasion

In some Western countries, sexy underwear has become a common social occasion, especially in various adult parties and wedding activities. Most people will choose to wear sexy underwear to participate.

Brand and design

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has also continuously expanded and improved, and products have been updated and have a better design and texture.The sexy underwear of these brands is naturally favored by more consumers.

in conclusion

Because of the influence of cultural, social and aesthetic concepts, there are many reasons for foreigners to like sexy underwear.In addition to the sexy and charm conveyed by sexy underwear, it also reflects the diversification and progress of society and cultural concepts.No matter which country, you should respect and understand different cultural customs, and appreciate different aesthetics and characteristics.

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