Why is the blood drip is a sexy underwear

Blood droplets are a very special sexy underwear. It is often used to hang people’s curiosity, and why is this?To answer this question, we first need to understand what is blood droplets and why it can be classified as sexy underwear.

1. What is a blood drip?

Blood droplets are a distinctive sexy underwear. It consists of a chain fixed to the neck and then below and two gold -plated locks.This underwear is often used to stimulate people’s sexy and taste, making people feel unique and full of mystery.

2. The origin of blood droplets and sexy underwear

Sex underwear refers to clothing designed to stimulate and meet people’s sexual needs.Initially, sexy underwear was invented by ancient Turkish women. They sewed silk and other materials into a special underwear called "Harlem underwear".Since then, various types of sexy underwear have emerged.Blood droplets are produced in Asia.This very distinctive sexy underwear was originally used to exchange gifts among homosexual lovers.

3. Types of blood droplets

There are not only one type of blood droplets, but there are various types.Some of them also have an auxiliary decoration, which makes the blood droplets soft and wild.Common types include pure golden droplets, silver chain blood droplets, gold silk blood droplets, etc.

4. In any case, pay blood drops

Because blood droplets have a sense of mystery and adventure, it is often used in bed or sex occasions.In some Japanese AV movies, the appearance of blood droplets cannot be lack.In addition, blood droplets can also be used for sex parties, nightclub parties, etc.

5. Blood Drop material

Blood droplets are made of multiple materials.Their quality, color and price are different.Common materials include professional chain, leather, silk, metal and necklace.

6. The function of blood droplets

Blood droplets are actually a sexy thrilling and stimulating situation in sex.When it is used in sexual intercourse, it can stimulate many different feelings.For example, some women will have a strong stimulus and pleasure for areas (such as neck).Therefore, blood droplets can bring people a variety of sexual experiences.

7. How to match the blood drip

In order to better reflect the sexy of blood droplets, it is usually necessary to match other clothing and accessories.Common makeup includes fish net socks, tight pants and high heels.These clothing and accessories can help you further improve your self -confidence and charm.

8. Applicability of blood droplets

Blood droplets are often considered to be only applicable to sexual relationships, but in fact, if you like it, then reasonable matching is reasonable and wearing is not completely a problem.

Overall, blood droplets are a special sexy underwear. Its design and use can bring less visual and touch feelings to other underwear.For many people, these feelings are important because they can improve the quality of sexual life.For those who like and explore new things, blood droplets are not only a sexy underwear, but also a way to seek excitement and fun. I believe it will also become the heart of more people.

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