Why does sex underwear bring beads


In sexy underwear, as a sexual product that emphasizes visual feelings, there are many clever details in its design and production process.Among them, sexy underwear with beads is a common type, so why choose to add beads to underwear?This article will explain in detail for you.

Improve visual impact

First, sexy underwear with beads can increase the visual impact of underwear.Many erotic underwear are monotonous colors or simple styles. If you can add some shiny beads to it, it can make it more conspicuous and more attractive.

Rich underwear design elements

Not only that, beads can also add more design elements to sexy underwear.In the case of various elements such as styles and shapes, adding details such as beads can make the underwear style richer, more detailed, and more refined.

Promote the self -confidence of the wearer

The sexy underwear of Jiazhuzi can make the wearer more confident.First of all, this underwear itself is designed to highlight the advantages of the body, while the sexy underwear with beads can further enhance this effect and make the wearer feel better.

Strengthen the sexy temperament of sexy underwear

Beads can make the sexy temperament of sexy underwear more prominent.Under the embellishment of beads, sexy underwear can become more shining and romantic, making it easier for people to connect sexy and sexy underwear.

Improving the dressing experience

The improvement of beads for wearing feelings is also an important reason.In the design of the underwear, the choice and addition of beads must meet the principles of comfortable wearing and more in line with ergonomics.At the same time, the uniform distribution of beads can also make the underwear more convincing, which can enhance the comfortable feeling of the wearer.

Increase the taste and grade of sexy underwear

Interest underwear with beads can make it look more high -end and more tasteful.Whether in texture or in style, the beads on the underwear can add branches and leaves in less eye -catching places, thereby increasing its gorgeous temperament.

Increase the collection value of sexy underwear

Beads can also make sexy underwear more hidden value, especially for some high -end limited edition sexual sexy underwear, its styles and design are generally the perfect presentation of ideas and taste, and the creative embellishment of beads will undoubtedly bring people very muchSatisfaction.

Strengthen the atmosphere of interest

In the end, the addition of beads can also further strengthen the atmosphere of sexy underwear, which is very meaningful to a sex life.In addition to its own decorative characteristics, the beads can also be used as a hint and symbol to further enhance the hint of a sex life.


In short, sexy underwear with beads has practical significance and practical value in terms of design and practicality.Regardless of whether it is measured in terms of increasing visual impact of underwear, strengthening sexy temperament, or measurement of wearing comfort and increasing hidden value, the choice of beads can add more fun and technology to the design of sexy underwear.

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