What sexy underwear to wear in the field

What sexy underwear to wear in the field

For many couples or enthusiasts, field warfare is a stimulating and enjoyable experience.If you want to make the field journey more interesting and romantic, choosing the right sexy underwear will be the key.The following is what I shared about the views of the sexy underwear and some useful suggestions I shared.

Prepare sexy underwear before the field

Before the field, we first need to prepare some suitable sexy underwear.First of all, ensure that underwear is safe and legal.You can choose some permeable underwear to avoid sweltering.In addition, it is best to choose a design that is convenient to take through the front buckle or zipper.

Comfortability and sexy emphasis on sexy

When choosing sexy underwear, we must not only consider sexy, but also consider comfort.The field environment is usually rugged. You should choose to wear comfortable underwear to avoid affecting the experience.If your choice is not appropriate, it may not only make you uncomfortable, but also affect the interest of sex.

Environmental materials are healthier

The material of sexy underwear is also important.Health is the most important. Especially in the wild catering environment, underwear materials should choose green and environmentally friendly materials to avoid using materials containing overweight or other harmful substances, so as not to cause uncomfortable symptoms such as allergies.Underwear with high -quality materials can be more protected by your skin.

Diversity style

There are many types of sexy underwear. You can make the field experience more interesting by selecting the appropriate matching style.For example, you can choose a sweet lace or seductive leather material, or you can also use different underwear to change and upgrade experience.

Appropriate choice

Wearing erotic underwear is to make the field process more exciting, but the actual situation should be based on the actual situation during the field.If the environment is too dangerous or it is difficult to perform certain actions, try to avoid wearing too restrained underwear, otherwise, you may make your field planning for your field.

Colors need to be cautious

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, we should avoid too dazzling and amazing colors. We must try to choose some restrained colors, such as classic black and white dark colors.In this way, it is not easy to be noticed in the field, and it is even more mysterious in combination.

The style must be matched with the figure

The style of the underwear should be matched with the figure.When choosing underwear, we should carefully consider our body characteristics and choose the right style to highlight our advantages and cover the shortcomings.For example, if you are a small man, you can choose some high -waisted underwear to increase your height advantage.

Grasp the occasion scale

Before the field, we should also choose the right underwear based on specific occasions.In public places, you should avoid choosing too exposed or sexy underwear; fields in the natural environment can be more bolder to choose to render the fun underwear.

in conclusion

Choosing the right sexy underwear can make the field more interesting, and also increase passion and romance.When choosing a sexy underwear, we should pay attention to comfort and health. At the same time, we should also carefully consider factors such as our body characteristics, occasion scale, etc. to choose the most suitable underwear.Making a stimulating field with a partner If it is matched with the appropriate sexy underwear, it will be an unforgettable memory.

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