What procedures do Taobao sex underwear need

The procedures required for Taobao store opening

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China, which has attracted a large number of merchants and consumers to enter.If you want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to learn about some store opening procedures and policies and regulations.Here are what you need to know.

1. Business license and ID card

To sell sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to register a Taobao account first.If you are a personal seller, you only need to have one ID number to register; if you are an enterprise or an individual industrial and commercial households, you need to provide a legal business license and identity certificate.

2. Tax Registration Certificate

If you apply for a Taobao store, you need to submit a tax registration certificate to complete the store opening process.You can apply for a tax registration certificate in the local tax department, and generally need to provide related information such as business licenses.Once the tax registration is completed, you can pay various taxes in accordance with the law.

3. Trademark registration certificate

If you want to register and operate your own brand on Taobao, you need to prepare a trademark registration certificate.This helps to protect your trademark rights and avoid maliciously registered or infringed by trademarks.

4. Production license

If you are engaged in business activities such as production and wholesale, you need to provide a production license.Production license is a certificate that meets relevant national regulations. No matter what production business you are engaged in, there is a corresponding production license to ensure legal operation.

5. Product sales filing certificate

To sell sexy underwear on Taobao, it is necessary to record with the industrial and commercial department.At the same time, inspection reports need to be inspected to ensure that the product meets the relevant national production quality and safety standards.Before submitting the filing information, you can first understand the national product use standards and the contact information and processes of the relevant inspection department.

6. Electronic invoice account opening

The transaction on Taobao can issue an electronic invoice. You need to complete the electronic invoice account opening process before opening the store.You need to apply for an electronic invoice account and bind your business license, tax registration certificate and other related documents in order to issue electronic invoices to customers in the transaction.

7. Taobao shop supplementary information

Taobao stores need supplementary information, such as basic information, shop profiles, and after -sales service commitments.In addition to these basic information, you also need to upload related information such as product details, prices, materials, sizes, colors, etc. for customers, so that customers can browse and select products in detail.

8. Other proof materials

During the store opening, some other relevant certification materials may be provided.For example, sexy underwear often involves related camera, model photos, etc., and you need to pay attention to the processing of relevant certification documents.


The information and procedures that need to be provided by Taobao stores are relatively cumbersome, and you need to spend some time and energy.However, these materials and proofs can make your stores more standardized, credible, and more legal.At the same time, you must check the Taobao store opening rules in detail before submitting the application to ensure that your business behavior meets relevant norms and policies in order to better carry out business activities and achieve smooth sales results.

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