What are the qualifications for sexy underwear shops

What are the qualifications for sexy underwear shops

Step 1: Determine the location of the store opening

Before opening a sexy underwear shop, you need to consider the location of the store.This location needs to be a business district, which allows you to attract more customers.

Step 2: Get the business license

To open a sexy underwear shop, you need to have a corresponding business license.Apply for a business license at the local industrial and commercial bureau or administrative department.

Step 3: Apply for related qualifications

Selling some special products and services in your sexy underwear shop, you need to obtain some related qualifications.For example, if you intend to sell adult toys, you need to obtain an adult product business license.

Step 4: Buy goods

After that, you need to consider where to buy products. You can contact various sexy underwear manufacturers or wholesalers to obtain products suitable for your shop.

Step 5: Decoration shop

The decoration in the store is also important.Beautiful and fashionable decoration will attract more customers.Without related decoration experience, you can hire decoration companies for decoration.

Step 6: Recruit employees

Before opening a store, you need to hire an experienced sales team to ensure that the store management is more professional and customers get better services.

Step 7: Carry out publicity

When you are ready in the store, you need to consider how to let more people know your shop.You can make your store more popular through posters, advertising and other means.

Step 8: Keep update

In your sexy underwear shop, you need to continue to launch new products, new styles, and keep updating.This will attract more customers and increase the income of the store.


It takes some corresponding qualification permits and steps to open a sexy underwear shop. These need to be considered.However, if you can plan carefully according to the steps, you will create your own professional and successful sexy underwear shop.

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