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What is sexy underwear with steel rings?

Interesting underwear with steel rings, such as its name, refers to adding thin and hard steel wires under the underwear cup or side, helping the pretender to shape, support and raise the chest to achieve better visual effects.This kind of sexy underwear is divided into different styles such as full cups, one -thirds cup, half cups, etc., which are suitable for people with different chest types and needs.

Advantages of steel circle fun underwear

In addition to the sexy underwear with steel rings, in addition to allowing the wearer to have a more perfect chest curve and support, it can also better shape the carcass curve and tall waist of the wearer, making the whole figure look more stylish, and it will make women make women women make women.More sexy and charming effects.

Suitable for people wearing steel circle sex underwear

Women wearing steel circle sexy underwear often have significant large and sagging, sagging or sagging breasts, and want to shape a more perfect breast type through underwear; women with flat breasts or small breasts, want to make up for effects to increase their breasts to increase their breastsThe wearer and the hip curve of the waist are not obvious, hoping to improve the body.

How to properly wear steel circles and sexy underwear

The way to wear a steel circle with steel circles is very simple. Just follow the steps below: 1. Put the bra through the head, and pass the two arms through the two shoulder straps to put it on the shoulder;Go forward, adjust the underwear cup, put the chest in the inner cup, and use your hands to shape the perfect chest curve; 3. Check whether the shoulder strap is too loose or too tight, and pull the wire to make it suitable for your body to achieve a comfortable effect.Items

How to clean and maintain the steel circle of sexy underwear

Do not clean it with hot water, do not exceed 30 ° C in water.Do not use strong acid and alkali substances such as laundry powder or bleach. It is recommended to use professional underwear cleaning agents for cleaning.Of course, it is best to wash it by hand and not soak for too long.Wrap the cup with a towel and twist it gently.The most important thing is not to dewater with a dehydrator, or forcibly twist or rub it. Please air dry naturally.

Material with steel circle sexy underwear

Under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear with steel rings adds steel rings, and the material is harder.At the same time, it cannot make the underwear material lose its comfort.Therefore, in terms of material selection, the underwear material is thick and elastic, and it must be soft and comfortable, good and good moisture, and good breathability. This is the indicator that needs to be considered when choosing.

The style of the sexy underwear with steel circle

There are many different styles of sexy underwear with steel rings, such as European style, oriental style, sweet style, sexy fire, fresh lady, noble and elegant, etc.Each style has its unique characteristics and style, and wearing it will give people a different feeling and impression.Beauty sex lingerie brands such as Hong Kong Elegant, Japanese Queentrooper, French Aubade, etc. Each brand has unique design and styles.

The color of the sexy underwear with steel circle

The sexy underwear with steel rings is different from ordinary underwear, and the color is full of temptation and sexy elements, especially the dark red color erotic underwear such as lipstick red, dark blue purple or wine red, which can make women shake into seductive beautiful eyebrows.Full of temptation, and with exquisite and innovative design, it is more magical and more plastic.

How do women choose a steel circle and sexy underwear

When choosing a steel circle of sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your physical condition.The first is the size of the cup, the second is the hardness and length of the wire, and the underwear material and style can be selected according to people’s hobbies and aesthetic viewpoints.However, before buying, it is best to try to try on to find the brand and style of the most suitable guy.

Taboo for wearing taboos with steel circles

Interesting underwear with steel rings is suitable for most women, but there are also a few people who are not suitable for wearing.For example, those who already have diseases or physical discomforts, wearing steel circle sexy underwear will bring unnecessary oppression to the body, leading to discomfort.If pregnant women and breastfeeding women should also avoid wearing as much as possible to protect chest health.


Taking steel circle fun underwear, which gives women a good dressing effect in appearance, is a good choice for self -confidence and sensational sexy.However, in order to maintain physical health, the cost should be reasonable, and the precautions of cleaning and custody need to be strictly observed.

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