Wen account making sexy underwear

Wen account making sexy underwear

What is a text account

The account is a traditional folk handicraft. It was mainly used in bedware and decoration in ancient times. It was made of fabric and silk. It has the characteristics of light and soft, breathing breathable, and hygroscopic sweating.In sexy underwear production, the accounts can be used to make fabrics and decorations of underwear.

Types of text accounts

According to the different materials and patterns, the accounts can be divided into a variety of types such as silk tents, cotton tents, plants and trees dyeing accounts, and embroidered accounts.In sexy underwear, silk tents and grass dye tents are very common because they are light and soft and comfortable.

Use of silk tent

Silk accounts are usually used in fabrics and decorations of chest, abdomen and other parts on sexy underwear.The fiber structure of the silk is soft and light, which can protect the skin well. At the same time, the silk itself has a certain luster, which increases the visual effect of the underwear.

Use of grass and wood dyeing accounts

Plagia dyeing account refers to the discounts that use herbal plants and trees’ leaves, flowers, roots, and skin. Because the color is not exaggerated and naturally, it is widely used in the design of sexy underwear.Because it uses natural plant dyes, it has less irritation to the skin.

Design and application of text accounts

When designing sexy underwear, you can use the pattern and color of the tent to create a unique style, such as stitching different silk tents together to create a rich sense of hierarchy and three -dimensional;Create a natural and comfortable atmosphere.

The production of the account

The steps for making the accounts are relatively simple to DIY at home.Prepare the appropriate fabric and dye, mix and deploy according to a certain proportion, soak the fabric in the dye, put it for a few hours to a whole night, and then dry it.Finally, you can cut it according to your needs.


The tent needs special attention in use and maintenance to avoid damage.Do not use a strong acid and alkaline solution to clean the tent. You can use mild neutral detergents and water to gently wash. After drying, dry it with a hanger.Avoid sunlight and friction with other items when hanging clothes.

The matching of the account underwear

The combination of textbook underwear needs to pay attention to the overall effect and fit.It is recommended to match the same color underwear to create a simple and fresh atmosphere.If you want to increase your personality, you can expose different skin colors, or you can try to match bright colors to increase the brightness of the overall effect.

The market for textbook underwear

The domestic market demand in the country has increased year by year, involving a wide range of faces, including women, men and couples.At the same time, with the advent of the Internet era, the sales channels of Wen account underwear have also been widened, including physical store sales and online sales, and its market prospects are very broad.

in conclusion

As a traditional material, the account account has been fully reflected and widely used in the design of sexy underwear.It not only satisfies people’s pursuit of fashion culture, but also reflects respect for ancient traditions.It is hoped that in the future, more sexy lingerie brands can introduce the account elements into their own design to promote the dual development of cultural heritage and fashion innovation.

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