Well -known sexy underwear model

Well -known sexy underwear model

As a sexy "special product", sexy underwear has many unique styles and experiences, which can meet people’s needs for romance and sex.As the spokesperson and model of sexy underwear, their demonstration and recommendation have a huge role in the development of the sex underwear industry.In this article, we will introduce several well -known sexy underwear models, as well as the brands and styles they represent.

International Famous Model Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a world -renowned sexy underwear model. She has served as an angel model of Victoria’s Secret, and then became a spokesperson for brands such as Wonderbra, H & M and Reebok.Her charm is not only reflected in the perfect figure and temperament, but also her confidence and affinity.The sexy lingerie style represented by Miranda Kerr focuses on noble, exquisite and gorgeous, giving a beautiful and elegant feeling.

Japanese model Tomano な な

Momo Kimu is a Japanese sexy underwear model. She is one of the representative figures of the Japanese sex lingerie industry.Not only does she have a sweet appearance, but she is also petite and exquisite, allowing people to feel the sexy charm that is different from Miranda Kerr.Tomoi Muji’s sexy lingerie style is more fresh, cute and girl style, reminiscent of Japanese anime and culture.

American model Eli Hord

Eli Holland is a spoils of sexy underwear models from the United States. She has been a spokesperson among brands such as Agent Provocateur and Frederick’s of Hollywood.Her temperament and figure are reminiscent of the goddess of Hollywood, sexy and tempting.Ellie Holland’s sexy lingerie style is more fashionable, sexy and avant -garde, with a little rebellion and subversion.

Well -known French model Liris Crosse

Liris Crosse is a sexy underwear model from France. She only represents the brand, and she is also committed to calling for women all over the world to establish self -confidence and beauty.She has a burly and healthy figure, full of vitality and tacky, so she is hailed as "sexy tough guy" by many people.The sexy lingerie style represented by Liris Crosse is more neutral, healthy and atmospheric, with a little strength and claim.

British entertainer Rosie Huntington-Whiteli

Rosie Huntington-Whiteli is an actor and a sexy underwear model born in the UK.She often appears in different fashion magazines and advertisements, and is one of the representatives of the British sex underwear industry.Her temperament and appearance are very retro and elegant, but they always exude an unruly sexy.Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s sexy lingerie style is more focused on retro, gorgeous and drama, with a little luxury and passion.

American model Lily Aldrich

Lily Aldridge is a sexy underwear model from the United States. She has served as an angel model of Victoria’s Secret.Lily Aldridge has a slender figure and fresh appearance, making people feel natural and comfortable.She represented the style of sexy lingerie, which is more natural, comfortable and fresh, with a little vitality and freedom.

Australian model Hisser Roach

Herch Rock is a sexy underwear model from Australia. She has served as a model of Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.Herdor Rich has a plump, curved and healthy figure, calm and feminine.She represented the sexy lingerie style more biasedly sexy, healthy and confident, with many natural quantity and charm.

Italian model Barbara Par Wendi

Barbara Par Wendi is a sexy underwear model from Italy. She once endorsed brands such as Calzedonia, Victoria’s Secret and H & M.Barbara Par Wendi has a tall and charming figure and passionate temperament, making people feel full of strong desire.Barbara Par Wendi represented by the sexy lingerie style is more sexy, gorgeous and elegant, with vibrant charm.

Well -known Canadian model Ellen Valds

Ellen Valds is a sexy underwear model from Canada. She has served as spokesperson for brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Chantelle.Allena Walds has a graceful figure and invincible aura, and her body exudes a unique temperament and charm.The sexy lingerie style represented by Ellena Walds is more nobility, sexy and city, with many elegant and elegant elements.

In general, the brands, styles, and styles endorsed by sexy underwear models have their own characteristics, but the information they convey are about charm, sexy and confident.Interest underwear is not only a kind of wear, but also an attitude and feeling.Maybe we have no chance to become sexy underwear models, but we can choose the brand and style of the endorsement of these sexy underwear models to choose a sexy underwear that suits us and show our unique charm.

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