Wear sex underwear to eat on the street

Wear sex underwear to eat on the street

Interest underwear is a unique women’s underwear. Its design style is sexy and bold and diverse, reflecting women’s beautiful figure and sexy temperament.However, wearing interesting underwear in public seems not appropriate.However, if you have a proper way to show their beauty, it may be a very interesting thing to wear a sexy underwear to eat on the street.Below we will discuss some details.

Choose the right style of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must remember where you are going to wear.In food room restaurants, you can choose underwear with mild perspective effects; but in open -air restaurants, you should not choose too exposed styles.Ladies can also try to wear some sexy underwear with lace and lace design.Of course, it is important to choose a style that suits you.

Appropriate color

Colors are also very important, not only to consider your preferences, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant.If the restaurant is usually quiet and elegant, then the white, black or other dark sexy underwear is more suitable.If the restaurant’s style is more lively, you can choose dark blue, red, etc. to be more eye -catching.

Match with a jacket or top

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can choose to match a jacket or top to help you eliminate cultural conflicts in public places.For example, you can put on a simple black sweater or low -end dressing to show part of the sexy underwear outside, and at the same time to protect your privacy.Or, you can wear a red jacket to form a confident and sexy image with red sexy underwear and attract more attention.

Put on suitable pantyhose

The accessories of sexy underwear also include suitable pantyhose.Women can choose to wear black or skin -tone stockings, or more sexy net socks, which can make your legs look slender and more sexy.

Don’t excessive exposure

When wearing a sexy underwear to eat on the street, be sure to keep it moderately.Public places are not a place where the body is showing.Therefore, it is very important not to wear too many exposed erotic underwear, which is properly retaining your mystery.If your sexy underwear shows too much, it will make people feel that you don’t know how to respect yourself.

Pay attention to the restaurant regulations

When choosing a restaurant, you must pay attention to the regulations of the restaurant.Some restaurants stipulate that customers cannot wear too exposed clothes, so pay attention to this when choosing a restaurant.If you are concerned about a restaurant, you can consult the evaluation and detail information of this restaurant on the Internet.

Considering the problem of desktop hygiene

Of course, wearing erotic underwear means not to wear other ordinary underwear, which will leave a bad impression on others in the restaurant when unnecessary.Therefore, considering the problem of desktop hygiene, we can bring a tissue or napkin paper. Putting on the seat during meals, we can not only maintain hygiene, but also cover up the mark of sexy underwear.


It seems an interesting and challenging thing to wear sexy underwear on the street.If you have a suitable way to show the beauty of underwear, you can do very confident and comfortable.However, please pay attention to the rules and etiquettes of public places, conflict with human culture, and better show your style.

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