Wear sex underwear, ah video

Why do we wear sexy underwear make people more sexy?

Wearing erotic underwear is a way for many people to improve sexy, but why can we make people feel more sexy?First of all, sexy underwear usually uses lace, silk, transparent, or translucent material, which can make the skin reveal some emotional atmosphere.

Sexual underwear style classification

The style of sexy underwear is very diverse, and it can be roughly divided into four categories.

Lace lace style

The lace lace style is usually one of the most popular styles. These styles use thin fabrics and exquisite details, which can show women’s sexy and charm.

Sexy suspension style

The sexy suspension style will be more sexy compared to other styles. It uses extremely thin materials and simple design to make the skin in a light feeling, exuding sexy and elegant temperament.

Three -point underwear style

Three -point underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. It consists of a stumbling band in the upper part, the lower briefs and a fabric pasted on the chest.This style often adds other decorations such as the waist and bra on the waist and bra to make the body more sexy and charming.

Uniform underwear style

The uniform underwear style uses the design of school or office uniforms. Putting on it can create a very charming atmosphere, making people feel a special style that is very popular with some people.

Sexy underwear buying skills

If you want to wear a good sexy effect, you can also choose the skills of buying fun underwear. It is also very important. The following are some noteworthy points.


Choosing underwear with delicate materials and good texture is the key. These underwear can restore the body to a natural feeling and set off the elegant temperament of women.


Color is a problem that you must consider when buying in sex underwear. Some of the relatively darkest or high -end luxury colors often consider it the most sexy charm.

Size and closeness

Size and closeness must be appropriate.Oversized or small sexy underwear will greatly reduce sexuality. In order to choose underwear that can closely fit the waist and chest, you can show your curve beautifully.

Quicks that must be watched by sexy underwear display videos

If you want to enjoy the taste of sexy underwear, let’s take a look at the video of sexy underwear display.But when watching the video, you need to pay attention to the following skills.

Choose high -quality videos

There are a lot of videos on the Internet on the Internet, but many of them are low -quality videos. Poor videos with poor quality often destroy the sexy feeling. Therefore, you need to judge the quality and source of the video.

Pay attention to video fit

Before watching sexy underwear display videos, you must understand the body and size to determine the fit of the video.Excessive or small fit can make sexy underwear show losing the original sexy effect.

Choose the right perspective

Choosing a suitable perspective can highlight the sexy charm of sexy underwear.For example, shooting local curves and skin fit can enhance sexy effects.

Sex underwear accessories

In addition to naked and transsexual sexy underwear, it is also important to choose good sexy accessories.

Long gloves, socks or net socks

Long gloves, socks, or directly wearing net socks are very classic choices.Not only can it improve the sexy feeling through decoration, but also cover some shortcomings of the body.

Utilities such as belt and bow

The belt and bow are also classic accessories that improve sexy, especially when you match a black lace sexy underwear, it can better reflect the sexy temperament.

How to use sex products to increase interest

Sex items are a must -have for sex, so how to use it?

Interest toy blessing

Sexy toys are a good choice for increasing sexuality. For example, simulation penis, handcuffs and chastity belts can not only stimulate potential sexual pleasure, but also cultivate ideas that improve self -confidence and creativity towards sex.

Black cortex decoration

Hidden in the closed black leather, borrowing black leather decoration can increase interest, such as increasing the temperament of leather high heels or hips, sexy and irritating.

in conclusion

The sexy and charm of wearing sex underwear is not only conducive to the passion of challenging sex, but also can also show their own elegance and sexy in life and workplace. Reasonable matching accessories can also enhance the realm and fun.

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