Three points of sexy underwear transparent pictures

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear designed for sex or increasing sex. It usually uses sexy design, such as special materials, colors, lace or leather.There are many types of underwear styles, including transparent, open crotch, open chest, and so on.Among them, transparent erotic underwear is the most popular one of them.Next, let’s take a look at the three pictures of transparent sexy underwear.

The first type: hollowed out 镂 underwear

This underwear uses a special hollow design that allows your body to penetrate and retain important parts.Generally, this underwear is made of black or red transparent material to increase the sexy effect.Most of this underwear uses lace and other materials to make it look more sexy.Of course, this hollow underwear can also use transparent plastic or other materials.This underwear is usually suitable for couples who want to try some new toys or couples who already know each other well.

Second type: fish tattoo net underwear

This underwear uses a special mesh material to expose your body, and at the same time add some patterns to increase beauty and sexy.We can see that many Hollywood actresses are wearing this underwear at some performances and MVs, which are very sexy.Most of this underwear is transparent, and you can choose a variety of colors, such as white, red, black and so on.

Third: lace transparent underwear

This transparent underwear usually uses special lace materials to increase sexy effects.In addition, there are many different styles of underwear, including two types of chest open and crotch open.Some lace transparent underwear will cover some sensitive parts, making people feel more mysterious and sexy.

How to match transparent sexy underwear?

The matching of transparent sex lingerie can create many different effects.You can choose to match the sexy underwear and suspenders, stockings or high heels to create a more sexy effect.In other words, this underwear style usually needs to be matched with some special accessories, such as stockings, shoes, and so on.

How to choose the size of transparent sexy underwear?

When choosing a transparent sexy underwear size, do not be wrong, because this will affect the comfort and effect of your wear.Although the design of this underwear has a great sexy effect, you must pay attention not to be too tight or too loose, otherwise it will affect your health.Therefore, when choosing a size of transparent erotic underwear, try to choose according to your body as much as possible, do not follow the trend or try casually.

How to clean the transparent sexy underwear?

When cleaning transparent sexy underwear, you also need to pay special attention, because the material of this underwear is special and requires special cleaning.If you use a washing machine to clean it, it may damage transparent underwear and cause losses.Therefore, the best way to clean is hand -wash, using warm water and specializing in sexy underwear cleaning agents.

Precautions for transparent sexy underwear

When wearing transparent erotic underwear, you must pay attention to some details and precautions.For example, after applying perfumes or moisturizing, waiting for them to dry through and then wear transparent sexy underwear, otherwise it may affect the material and shape of transparent underwear.

The proper storage of transparent sexy underwear

It is also important to keep sexy underwear well, because this can ensure the quality and saving life of sexy underwear.Therefore, when storing transparent erotic underwear, it is best to put it in a wardrobe in a flat way, or store it in a special storage box to prevent direct sunlight, avoid humidity and high temperature environment.Together, avoid wear or other damage.

in conclusion

Different styles of transparent erotic underwear can create different sexy effects, but you should pay attention to the details when choosing a size, cleaning and storage to really experience the charm of underwear.

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