The sexy underwear bought by Taobao is worn without washing

Why can’t Taobao sex underwear be worn without washing?

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is much cheaper than physical stores, making many young people fall in love with buying sexy underwear on Taobao.But after buying, many people skipped their first washing because they didn’t understand the necessary cleaning steps, and put on this sexy underwear directly.Is this correct?Why should we clean up and wash the messy underwear before wearing it?Let’s take a look at the reasons.

Understand the nature of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is different from the cotton underwear we wear everyday.Interest underwear consists of different materials, fabrics and decorations. These fabrics and decorations need to be treated to use.Due to the use of sexy underwear, they need to use a variety of chemicals to increase visual effects, such as dyes, embroidery, rivets, etc.These chemicals may cause adverse reactions to the skin, so it should be cleaned before wearing these sexy underwear for the first time to remove unnecessary chemicals.

Eliminate possible bacteria

In addition to removing chemicals, some bacteria and dust may be adhered to in the process of manufacturing, warehousing and transportation.In order to avoid skin problems caused by these bacteria and dust, it is necessary to clean up sexy underwear before wearing it.If you wear these underwear directly, it may cause problems such as bacterial infections and allergies.

Understand the fabrics and processing methods

Although the sexy underwear on Taobao looks very beautiful, you may not know how their fabrics and decorations are handled.The first washing erotic underwear can help you remove the enhanced agent and chemicals, which may greatly reduce the impact on the skin.At the same time, understanding fabrics and processing methods can also help you use these underwear more effectively to ensure its life and aesthetics.

Keep sex underwear state

The sexy underwear on Taobao has not been fully sorted.During the storage and transportation process, underwear may be compressed.The first washing can restore the original shape of the underwear and maintain aesthetics and performance.Washing can help you improve the life of sexy underwear, maintain its state, and delay the degree of damage to underwear.

Why not ignore the cleaning of sexy underwear

Sex underwear exists for creative purposes.However, when an underwear is polluted by chemicals and bacteria unnecessary, it becomes unhealthy.Some problems will appear because of this, including skin allergies, itching, infection or breathing problems.Sex underwear has become a high and dangerous choice that stimulates your creative thinking.

How to correctly clean the sexy underwear

Wash the sex underwear with water, combined with mild laundry powder or laundry liquid, do not use too much detergent.This will increase the possibility of chemicals and water stains left on underwear.Gently scrub the erotic underwear and rinse it with water.Keep washing information and guidelines so that you can refer to these guidelines in future washing.

Understand the materials and characteristics of love underwear

Interest underwear is made of various materials.Some are pure natural fibers, such as cotton or silk. These sexy underwear requires special cleaning to maintain their characteristics.Other erotic underwear may be made of synthetic materials, such as silk, polyester fiber, nylon or latex.When you know the material and characteristics of the underwear, you can choose the appropriate cleaning method to increase the beauty of sexy underwear.

Wear sexy underwear for the first time

Do not forget to clean them before wearing fun underwear.Small ideas like this may be easily ignored, but it can greatly help you reduce the risk of allergies or infection and increase the service life of underwear.The design of sexy underwear is to make you confident and beautiful, so you can show off when you want to play freely.

How to protect sexy sheets

Compared with genuine products, the quality of sexy underwear purchased on Taobao is still different, so you also need to take additional protection measures to ensure that your sexy underwear is kept beautiful.First of all, do not squeeze sexy underwear with rough or tooth -shaped items together, and then put them in a clean box or hanger.After cleaning, let the fun underwear dry and dry it to avoid traces of deformation and creation of bodied underwear.

in conclusion

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is a good choice, but you must clearly understand the characteristics and materials of the product manufacturing.Before wearing a sexy underwear for the first time, be sure to clean it to increase its aesthetics and use life, while avoiding allergies or infections.In addition, please make sure you understand the characteristics of love underwear, and take additional protection measures to protect their characteristics and durability.

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