The skills of wearing sex underwear

The skills of wearing sex underwear

Interest underwear has become more and more fashionable jewelry for modern women. As a symbol of beauty and sexy, dressing up and personal private life plays an increasingly important role.Want to make your interesting underwear show the most beautiful state?Here are some tricks to wear sexy underwear to help you become the sexiest yourself.

Choose the right underwear material

The first thing to pay attention to is to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie material.The material of the underwear should be soft, fit the skin without irritation and scratches.Knitting materials and lace, such as elastic materials, are good choices.

Correct size

Size is very important for sexy underwear.If the underwear is too large, it will loosen, affecting the appearance and feeling; if the underwear is too small, it will be unbearable.Therefore, you must choose the appropriate size according to your actual situation.


Pay attention to keep the underwear feel new, do not choose too much to wash or wear a faded underwear.In addition, the frequency of changing your sexy underwear is also very important.Whether it is often used or occasionally wearing, everyone should have enough erotic underwear for their own choice.

If the underwear has fragrance or smell, it must be cleaned in time.Otherwise it will affect the beauty and hygiene of the underwear.

Don’t wear the wrong shape

Everyone’s body shape and needs are different, so it is also important to choose the correct underwear shape.Improper shape of the underwear will cause too much fat on the back or stiffness on the belly.

Match as much as possible

Interest underwear is not the only jewelry on you.If you want to show it more perfectly, try some accessories or high heels.Matching is important at any time. Don’t forget your sexy underwear.

Diversified style

Have you found that people usually limited the style and color of sexy underwear in several traditional options.However, the style and color of sexy underwear have long been diverse.Considering your own body type and style, choosing suitable sexy underwear will make you feel more comfortable and natural.

Show the best side

Focusing on showing the most confident part of your body is a very good idea.If you have a large chest, you can wear the chest to a more underwear style.If your abdomen is flat, try some special friendly type underwear in the abdomen.You need to use sexy underwear to highlight your natural advantages.

Comfort and maintenance

Maintaining comfort is the key to wearing underwear. The uncomfortable or waterproof underwear caused by the local discomfort will make you feel bad throughout the day.

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.They need special maintenance to ensure that they can be used for a long time.

Final suggestion

Some sexy underwear is just for a short -term sensory experience, while other sexy underwear can help you better reflect your personality and better handle personal relationships.But no matter what you choose sexy underwear, you must adhere to the correct wearing skills and correct maintenance methods, so as to ensure that you always achieve the best layout effect and become the sexiest and confident self.

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