The role of sexy underwear milk stickers

What is sexy underwear milk sticker?

Sex underwear milk stickers are a common underwear accessory to cover and protect the nipples, so that women are more confident and comfortable when wearing low -cut, shoulder straps or suspenders.They are usually made of a soft, sticky material and can be reused.

What is the effect of milk stickers?

Fun underwear milk stickers can achieve the following role.

Cover the nipple.The main role of milk stickers is to cover women’s nipples, making women wearing transparent or personal underwear more confident in public.

Protect the nipples.The soft milk sticker on the nipple can relieve friction damage caused by exercise.

Improve the shape of the chest.Milk stickers can make the breasts look fuller and enhance the aesthetics of the chest shape.

Increase the fullness of breasts.Appropriate posture and thickness can increase the support of the breast, showing a fuller effect.

Types of milk stickers

Depending on different needs and use, milk stickers can be divided into the following types.

Transparent milk sticker.This milk sticker is mainly used to cover the nipples and does not affect the color or material of any underwear.

There are lace -edged milk stickers.This milk sticker is also used to cover the nipples, but the lace on the edge will be added to the edges, making the underwear more beautiful.

There is a thick milk patch.The effect of this milk sticker is mainly to increase the fullness and support of the breast.Under exercise and dancing, it can effectively avoid the embarrassment of chest shaking.

Skills for buying milk stickers

Pay attention to the following points to buy milk stickers:

Material problem.Milk stickers should be used with soft, skin -friendly, and non -irritating materials to avoid skin discomfort.

Adhesive problem.Milk stickers must have enough viscosity to ensure that they will not fall off.However, excessive viscosity can cause irreversible damage to the skin, please select the appropriate degree of viscosity.

Shape problem.According to different wear needs, choose the shape and size that suits you.

No odor.In order to avoid sensitive skin allergies, the milk sticker is best without odor.

How to use milk stickers?

Pay attention to the following steps with milk stickers:

Clean skin.Before using milk stickers, you must clean the skin and remove oil and dirt.

Tear off your back paper.Tear the milk sticker from the back paper and prepare to stick it on the skin.

Sticking to the nipple.Stick the milk to the upper part of the nipple to ensure that the position of the paste is correct.

Try to avoid friction.When using milk stickers, you need to avoid excessive friction to avoid falling off or skin damage.


When using milk stickers, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Avoid multiple times.Although milk stickers can be used repeatedly, viscosity and hygiene will gradually decline.Especially in the case of summer or sweating, it is recommended to change new milk stickers after each use.

Pay attention to skin allergies.Women with sensitive skin should do a skin test before using milk stickers to avoid allergic symptoms.

Pay attention to maintenance.After the milk stickers are used, they need to be cleaned, dry, and placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid being stored in a humid environment for a long time.

Not suitable for trauma and other skin diseases.If you have scars, scars such as scars, scars on the nipples or other skin, or swelling and pain caused by tingling, redness and pain of nipples, redness and pain, you cannot use milk stickers.


Sexy underwear milk stickers are a sexy and practical underwear accessories.It can not only cover and protect women’s nipples, but also improve the shape and fullness of the chest.Pay attention to the choice and use of milk stickers to avoid unnecessary adverse reactions and disputes.

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