The less sexy lingerie cloth, the better

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is no longer simple underwear for modern women. They are more pursuing sexy and stylish fashion. They look at a variety of sexy underwear on the screen. They all want to interpret it with their lover in bed.When choosing sexy underwear, there is often a doubt: the less the fabric, the better?

2. Introduction to Materials

There are many kinds of sexy underwear materials. The most common is lace, silk, yarn, etc. All materials can be used to make sexy underwear, and the choice of materials also needs to be determined according to its own needs.

3. The less the fabrics are, one of the more benefits: show charm

Less erotic lingerie can better show women’s body lines and better show the charm of women’s body, especially in bed, good visual effects can inspire stronger sexual desire and stronger sexual impulse to achieve better sexual intercourseExperience.

4. The less benefits of the fabric: sexy and stylish

With the development of the times, the design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more fashionable and sexy. The less the design of the fabric is more in line with the trend of fashion, and it can better reflect the sexy side of women.And this sexy fashion is very attractive, and women are more likely to show their sexy and charm better after putting on such underwear.

5. The less the fabric is the third: more fit the body

Compared with other material texture underwear, the sexy underwear with less fabrics can fit the female body more comfortably. Wearing more comfortable and naturally, it will not restrain the body’s activities, and it will not affect human sexual impulse and sexual desire.

6. One of the less fabrics: not to keep warm enough

Putting less fabric underwear in the cold winter may feel cold, and it can not protect women’s bodies well. If women sweat in the process of sex, it is not enough to maintain proper temperature. ThereforeMore suitable for wearing in a warm season.

7. The less disadvantage of the fabric: the second: it is easy to damage

There are fewer erotic lingerie fabrics, and special attention needs to be kept cleaning and care, and it is easy to be friction and damage. Therefore, you need to pay more attention. If you wear improperly or improper use, it will cause damage and damage on the surface of the underwear.

8. Summary

The fewer sex lingerie fabrics, it is suitable for wearing in a warm season, and can better reflect the sexy and charm of women, but it also needs to pay special attention to use and care, otherwise it will easily destroy and damage and bring some trouble.Therefore, the correct use and care method are important guarantees for maintaining the intact and comfortable underwear.

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