I want to buy sex lingerie for my wife, but

How to choose appropriate sexy underwear for your woman?If you are not familiar with all styles and types, you may feel a bit difficult to make decisions.In this article, we will provide you with a sexy underwear purchase guide to help you choose a suitable underwear and make her the sexiest and confident woman.

1. Understand her size and preference

It is very important to understand her size before buying any sex underwear.If you are not sure, you can refer to her existing underwear and clothes.Knowing her preference is also crucial. It is what color she likes to spend or which underwear style (such as bras, camisole, back, split, conjoined, hollowed out, etc.).

2. Buy sexy underwear suitable for her body shape

It is necessary to choose a sexy underwear suitable for her body shape, especially for the style of the crowd. It is not only unsuitable to wear, but it will also cause discomfort.Choose her body, or consider some sexy underwear that can adjust the size to ensure that she can wear them comfortably.

3. Understand her sexy times

Many women will have sexy times, or they will wear sexy underwear in a certain period.Knowing her sexy times may affect what sexy underwear you choose.For women who often wear, you can consider buying high -level quality underwear, and for women who rarely wear, you can choose a simpler and practical sexy lingerie.

4. Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

What occasion will she wear these sexy underwear?In order to avoid embarrassment and discomfort, you should choose the sexy underwear youaring suitable occasions.For example, a low -cut off -shoulder lingerie may not be comfortable to wear in formal occasions, and because of its off -shoulder and backless design, it is more suitable for wearing in a private environment.

5. Buy high -quality materials

Even if you choose the right style and size, poor quality materials will not only reduce the comfort and aesthetics of wear, but also affect her physical health.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose underwear made of high -quality materials to ensure the maximum wearing comfort.

6. Consider her skin color

Her skin color also affects what sexy underwear you choose.Usually, transparent linen and black underwear are suitable for people with dark skin.For people with light color, it is more appropriate to choose a colorful sexy underwear.

7. Follow the details of underwear

Details are very important because they can show the charm of "sexy" in women.Some common details include lace edges, details, silk, bow, tulle lace, and so on.If you are not sure which details your woman likes, you can ask her preference.

8. Try to buy a set

Buying a set of sexy underwear will be more economical than buying single pieces and high discounts.Interest underwear suits usually include bras, underwear, suspenders, stockings, etc.Buying a suit can also help you maintain a consistent style and color.

9. Pay attention to pajamas that matches them

If you want to buy sexy underwear for her, you also need to match it with a suitable pajamas.You can choose a pajamas of the same color or the same style -let the whole and when you go out and sleep, it looks very harmonious and unified.

10. Go to buy with her

The last trick should be to make her choose the right sexy underwear, so that you don’t need to guess, and it will make her wear more comfortably.

in conclusion:

Buying sexy underwear is a very easy thing, and it does not need to be beyond our imagination.Just pay attention to the shape suitable for her, understand her preferences and wearing habits, and choose the style that is suitable for the occasion she wants to wear, you can buy the most suitable sexy underwear for her.

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