The first time I bought a sexy underwear for my girlfriend

The idea of buying sexy underwear for the first time

For the first time to buy a sexy underwear for his girlfriend, this may be a thing that makes him feel comfortable and uncomfortable.The reason for comfort is because he has the opportunity to express love in his own way.But the reason why the uncomfortable may be because the clerk may ask many questions or he is not sure which size or style to buy.

Choose suitable size and style

First of all, men need to pay attention to their girlfriend’s size when buying sexy underwear.If the size of the size is incorrect, the sexy underwear cannot play the best role.In addition, consider proper design and color to adapt to the style of girlfriends.For example, some girls may prefer soft materials, while others will prefer more sexy and exposed styles.

Understand the differences in brands and materials

When buying sexy underwear, it is also very important to understand the differences in brands and materials.The quality and style of the brand are very different, which is usually reflected in price.Therefore, it is feasible to determine which brands are determined according to the budget.In terms of materials, soft materials such as silk can better create a sexy atmosphere, and the material of mixed cotton and lace will be more prominent.

Choose suitable colors and styles

The color and style of sexy underwear are also important.Consider your girlfriend’s taste and comfort, choose suitable color and style.For example, red is usually considered sexy and romantic colors, but it may be too exaggerated for some people.Also pay attention not to choose the style that is too exposed, so as not to make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable.

Pay attention to details and quality

When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to details and quality.Don’t just pay attention to styles and colors.The attention of details and quality can make your girlfriend feel your intentions and care.Check the defects in the materials and details to ensure the quality of the underwear purchased.

Buy privacy

Buying sex underwear is a private thing.You can buy it on the Internet or you can buy it in a physical store.Buying sexy underwear in physical stores is more conspicuous and difficult to keep secret.Therefore, you can choose to buy on the Internet and use a private address as the mailing address.

Note Point

All the attention points and skills are to make the girlfriend feel comfortable and cared for.It is important to buy sexy underwear emotionally, not just buying for interests or selfish ideas.

Know your girlfriend’s preferences in advance

As we all know, women pay great attention to details and have strong curiosity.If you are not sure what kind of sexy lingerie or style of your girlfriend likes, you can mention such topics in the conversation to understand her preferences.

Don’t forget to buy accessories

Very easy to forget is to buy the corresponding accessories while buying sexy underwear.Such as stockings, gloves, head ring, etc.Underwear and accessories are matched with each other, which will make the whole set more perfect.


The first time you buy sexy underwear, whether it is a new experience in men and women, so it should be treated emotionally from the start of the conversation to the entire process of buying underwear.Select the right color, size and style.It takes enough time to evaluate materials and details.In summary, it is the most important thing to make girlfriends feel comfortable and cared for.

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