The cross buckle in sex underwear SM is used like this

The cross buckle in sex underwear SM is used like this

In sexy underwear SM games, cross buckles are often used as a type of restraint and costume.This button can make you make very eye -catching clothing, improve the intensity of sexual experience, and increase the new feeling.Today we will understand how to use the cross buckle in the sexy underwear SM correctly.

Choose the right cross buckle

It is very important to choose the right cross buckle correctly.It is recommended to choose a buttons that can be adjusted and the elasticity is appropriate, so as to ensure that it will not be tight or too loose.In addition, choosing high -quality buttons cannot be ignored.Poor quality buttons will be worn quickly and hurt the skin.

Choose the right sexy underwear SM

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear SM with comfortable fabric and suitable size.Too small underwear can cause the buttons to be restrained too tight and too large, which can cause the buttons to be unable to rest.At the same time, reducing damage to the outside world, such as friction, stabbing, teasing, etc. Choosing soft fabrics and smooth underwear on the surface can prevent skin irritation.

Learn the bundle

Correct buckle is the key to creating perfect restraint.First determine the location and size you need, and then tightly tie it and tie it firmly.In addition, to ensure that the buttons are not scratched to the skin, you can try to open the underwear to determine that there is no gap between the underwear and the skin.

Try on the other half

Now I am ready, try to use your cross to buckle sex underwear SM on the other half.Be careful to arrange the intensity of experience, you should satisfy you and your other half and avoid harm.

Try different ways of use

After being familiar with the basic operation of Cross Fun Lingerie SM, you will realize that you can try in different situations.For example, you can study a variety of binding methods, binding positions, or studying various buttons.Further experience can increase your sexual happiness and add novelty.

Ensure safety

Although the cross -fastening sex underwear SM is very exciting, you also need to ensure the safety of the experience.Understand your ability to afford your ability to react with your other half, and maintain sufficient rescue and tightness at any time to ensure safety.

Don’t force yourself

Don’t force yourself.Do not do things that are excited because of a while of curiosity or trying to be excessive.SM games should be a happy experience between the two sides, so be sure to ensure that both parties are comfortable and satisfied.

Don’t be paralyzed

Even if you are already familiar with the field of sex underwear SM, don’t underestimate the risk.Be sure to use the cross buckle in the sexy underwear SM.Be very cautious when using buttons to avoid hurting your body or causing skin irritation.

Don’t forget to clean

It is essential to clean your sexy underwear SM.Interest underwear is often close to the body, and it is easy to hide dirt. If it is not cleaned in time, it will breed the pathogenic.Use appropriate soap and warm water to clean, and disinfection can be used if needed.


By using the cross -fastening sex underwear SM correctly, you can add more happiness to the experience of you and your other half.However, while enjoying stimuli, you must pay attention to controlling the intensity of the experience and avoid physical damage.At the same time, focusing on safety, hygiene and comfort is an important factor in maintaining your physical and mental health and sexual life.

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