Tempting underwear Instead underwear


Interest underwear is a underwear specifically used to enhance the sex atmosphere. Unlike ordinary underwear, the sexy underwear is more sexy and seductive. It can enhance the desires of both parties to some extent and enrich the life of husband and wife.When buying sexy underwear, it is necessary to understand different types of sexy underwear and its characteristics.

Type 1: Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a classic sexy underwear that women like, which is often used to enhance sexy atmosphere.It is made of transparent or gauze fabric with lace or lace, with diverse styles.For women with small chests, you can choose a bra with lace lace to increase the prominent effect; for large breasts, you can choose a style with lace details to avoid appear bloated.

Type 2: Leather sex underwear

Leather erotic underwear shows an alternative and sexy feeling as a whole.It is often made of fabrics such as PU, artificial leather or leather, and the color is mainly black.Leather erotic underwear is suitable for those who love gender -playing games, which can fully release the pursuit of sex and relax the body and mind.

Type 3: No trace sexy underwear

No trace of sexy underwear is generally made of extremely light and thin fibers and fabrics. It is not only comfortable and natural, but also perfectly fit the skin, so that the wearer does not leave traces and does not produce a sense of restraint.Near the summer, no trace -free sexy underwear can effectively solve the discomfort brought by the heat, and easily shape a sexy image.

Type 4: Emotic

Emoticon underwear is a sexy underwear printed with various expressions, text and other patterns.It can express different meanings through simple postures, movements, etc.For example, a sexy underwear printed with "Kiss Me" can achieve the temptation effect through the pose.

Type 5: Belly Bades Sex Underwear

Funny underwear is a kind of underwear commonly used to enhance passion. Unlike ordinary underwear. It does not need to wear most tops to modify the body. It can only be put on a small bag under the breast and above the breast.When wearing a bellyband sexy underwear, the breasts are exposed, giving people a great sexy visual impact.

Type 6: Net yarn sexy underwear

Net yarn sex underwear is a transparent, tulle quality sexy underwear.It is generally used for "walking" to wear sex games, allowing the body to attract the attention and enhance sexual experience.However, it should be noted that when wearing a mesh sexy underwear, the body is exposed and needs to be used in private places.

Type 7: Silk sex underwear

Silk erotic underwear is very comfortable, and it feels very smooth to wear, revealing a strong sexy and elegant temperament.Silk erotic underwear is most suitable for the atmosphere of relaxed, pleasant, and interesting. It is suitable for playing in a romantic environment. It has a different flavor from his interesting underwear.

Type 8: Crystal sexy underwear

Crystal sex lingerie is a special version of sexy underwear decorated with crystal decoration.The crystal reflects from all angles, making people feel shining bright and endless sexy.It allows you and lovers to enjoy a crystal gorgeous experience in sex.

in conclusion

The above is a common type of sexy underwear. Each type has its unique advantages and characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to combine your actual conditions and needs to choose.It should also be noted that sexy underwear is just a settlement in sex. Real sex needs to be based on the mutual respect and love of both parties.Interest underwear is just a way to create fun. In the end, it is necessary to rely on the efforts of both parties to maintain sex.

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