How to make your own sexy underwear

How to make a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is one of the important elements to add sex. As early as ancient times, there was a record of using sexy underwear.There are many types of sexy lingerie styles. If you want to choose a sexy underwear with your own characteristics, it is also a good choice to do it by yourself.Here are some methods of DIY sexy underwear to help you make a sexy underwear that is in line with your taste.

Like the sexy underwear of gems

Bold use of various gems to decorate your sexy underwear, which can make you more creative in color and appearance, and make you more easily find your personality.


Fixed with pearls on sexy underwear can make your overall feel softer and warm.This is the feeling of many women’s pursuit.

Broken drill

Use broken diamonds to decorate sexy underwear, it feels very noble and expensive, which can enhance women’s confidence and aesthetics.


Use feathers to decorate sexy underwear can enhance lightness and refreshing.At the same time, feathers can also make you have a more natural feeling and increase the beauty of nakedness.

Use shiny decoration

The dazzling lights and shiny decorations make the sexy underwear look very attractive.You can use a variety of glossy gems, beads, flame patterns and meteor patterns to decorate underwear.This kind of erotic underwear gives people a sense of confidence, strong and noble.

Use lace to emphasize body lines

Lace is a very feminine auxiliary material that can be used to decorate sexy underwear.By using lace modification, you can emphasize the lines of women’s figure and increase the charm of sexy.

Choose different colors

You can choose some fabrics of different colors and stitch it to increase the visual effect of sexy underwear.For example: use red, white, and black fabrics to replace the original monochrome sexy underwear.Such fun underwear has a visual effect and can bring new feelings.

Buy naked bra

Bare underwear and bra can make you more sexy, noble, and feel security.When choosing naked sexy underwear, pay attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear, and pay attention to whether the size is appropriate.

Choose the right fabric

Interest underwear is a clothing that is close to the body, so the choice of material is essential.Natural fibers such as cotton products or silk are soft and comfortable; invisible fabrics such as elastic mesh cloth, leather and other materials are also good choices.

Procurement of suitable buttons and zippers

Buying suitable buttons and zippers allows you to make more comfortable sexy underwear.The advantages of good buttons and zippers are high comfort, easy to penetrate and take off, and are not easy to damage.

DIY sexy underwear needs tools need

Before making your erotic underwear, you can ensure that you have a DIY thread, needle, scissors, scissors, ruler, curve ruler, glue, back -sided scrub, so as to ensure the quality of the sexy underwear made.


Self -made erotic underwear is a thing that makes people love. Makeup is the same as wearing. You can explain your style through step -by -step practice. Do not give up such a good opportunity.The more practice, the more you get.

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