Tearing style of style


Interest underwear is a way to show femininity and beauty.One of the popular types is tore the style of the style.The tearing style of fun underwear is made of a variety of materials. The end result is to add tear at the necessary location, so that the wearer can feel more sexy, teasing and confident.Here are some characteristics and classifications of tearing style of sexy underwear.


Tear style and fun underwear generally have the following characteristics:

Morning more: Whether it is a wearer or an ornamental person, tearing the style of sexy underwear will tease people’s visual and sensory, making people want more deeply.

Sexy: The tear design can make women’s body more sexy and more prominent, thereby more attractive eyeballs, thereby increasing sexy charm.

Personality: Tearing of style and sexy underwear does not need to be restricted to traditional styles. It can be designed according to the personal hobbies and personality of the wearer, so as to present a unique personality.


Tearing style of fun underwear has a variety of styles. The following are several common types:

Chest tear

This type of tearing style of the style is centered on the chest position. It uses distorted or wild design to open the chest open and show sexy chest shape and bright colors.In a more traditional version, you can choose to use different materials or colors to increase visual impact.


This type of tearing style of sexy underwear is generally centered on the waist, showing a charming curve, making women more charming.The tear design of the waist can choose multiple levels of tearing according to personal preference, so as to obtain different visual effects.

Hip tear

The hip tear style of the style is a popular type. The hip tear design will make the hip more sexy and curved, thereby achieving the effect of highlight the hip shape.This type of tearing style and sexy underwear can make the wearer look more energetic and confident.

Other tear design

The design is not limited to the above three types in design, and any location or location may become the target of tearing design.For example, tear design can be used in legs, shoulders, or backs.These tear design can not only highlight personality, but also show the beautiful legs or skin of the wearer.

Extend reading

The design of the tearing style of the style can be sampled, and it can be selected according to different personal needs and occasions.In addition to tearing, you can also use other design elements to highlight sexy and charm, such as lace, leather, mesh cloth and other materials.Different materials and designs can match different visual effects, which makes people feel fresh.

in conclusion

In general, tearing style of sexy underwear is a particularly attractive sexy underwear, which allows the wearer to show the sexy and confident body.However, we still need to pay attention to the occasion of use, we must not only highlight the personality, but also maintain the dignified and decent image.Tearing of style and fun underwear is a charming expression, but we need to use it in the right time and occasions.

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