Taurus loves sexy underwear

Taurus loves sexy underwear

1. You should understand the taste of Taurus

First, to understand the taste of Taurus.This constellation usually likes high -quality, high -grade, cost -effective items.When choosing a sexy underwear, Taurus will also have the same standards.

2. The color should be low -key

Taurus people are often conservative. They like low -key colors, such as black, white, beige and so on.Choosing these colors of sexy underwear can make them feel more comfortable.

3. Tailoring should be simple

In addition to color demand, Taurus people also like simple tailoring.They don’t like too complicated decorations, and they prefer simple and comfortable styles.

4. The main texture

Taurus people pay attention to details and texture.They usually choose comfortable and soft fabrics, such as silk, cotton, lace, etc. These materials make them feel relaxed.

5. Protecting privacy

As a conservative constellation, Taurus people like to protect their privacy.They will choose some covered sexy underwear, such as hoods, nighttime, to protect their privacy.

6. Focus on comfort

In addition to styles and fabrics, Taurus people also focus on the comfort of sexy underwear.They usually choose underwear suitable for their sizes and fit their bodies to maximize their comfort.

7. Follow the cost -effective

Taurus people often pay more attention to material.When buying sexy underwear, they will pay more attention to cost -effectiveness, that is, cost -effective sexy underwear will be more popular with them.

8. The attractiveness of German crafts

Taurus people also pay more attention to the choice of brand.In terms of erotic underwear brands, German brands’ craftsmanship and quality often leave them deeply.

9. Sexy and comfort is not contradictory

Finally, it is necessary to understand that Taurus people think that sexy is not contradictory.They will choose those sexy and comfortable sexy underwear, so that they can feel comfortable in sexy and make them feel more relaxed.

10. Conclusion

In summary, Taurus people are more conservative and like low -key, simple, comfortable, texture, privacy, cost -effective sexy underwear brands, and also believe that sexy and comfort are not contradictory.

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