Taobao shop sex lingerie picture review

1 Introduction

Taobao shop sexy underwear is an increasingly popular business.With the popularization of online shopping, people are increasingly inclined to buy sexy underwear online.However, the picture review of the sexy underwear of Taobao has always been a big problem.In order to maintain the standards and legitimacy of the platform, Taobao has a strict review of sexy underwear.This article will briefly introduce the problems and solutions of Taobao’s sexy underwear picture review.

2. Review criteria

Taobao’s picture review criteria for sexy underwear are very strict. All product pictures must be reviewed to get on the shelves. The main review standard is for whether the content of the picture is violated with social morality, whether it is within the scope of the ban on Taobao announcement, and whether it involves intellectual property rights.It is carried out.

3. Difficulty of review

The pictures of sexy underwear are often bolder. Beauty wearing sexy underwear also shows the product style through various poses.However, these pictures are likely to be regarded by Taobao auditors as illegal content, so it is more difficult during review.

4. Solution

In order to ensure that sexy underwear pictures are approved, merchants can take the following measures:

1. Focus on showing the style of sexy underwear to avoid excessive emphasis on the body parts;

2. Do not use vulgar, teasing language or images;

3. Avoid using obscene or exposed pictures;

4. Observe the scope of the ban on selling on Taobao;

5. Ensure the clarity and authenticity of the picture, and avoid using too beautiful and over -modified pictures.

5. Picture requirements

The picture of sexy underwear is best to use a white or light background to maintain the sharpness and authenticity of the picture as much as possible. It can be accompanied by appropriate text or pictures.

6. Original pictures

Merchants can adopt original pictures, which can enhance the uniqueness of the product and avoid being removed by Taobao because of infringement.However, merchants should pay attention not to copy pictures of other websites or products directly, so that Taobao will also be regarded as infringement.

7. Review time

Taobao will review a lot of pictures of sexy underwear every day. However, the review time is uncertain. Merchants need to plan in advance to grasp the time and avoid affecting sales.

8. Status and development

The issue of Taobao’s sexy underwear picture review is a long -term process, and it is also developing and evolving with the changes of the times.With the popularity of the Internet and the prevalence of online shopping, the market scope of sexy underwear has continued to expand, and the picture review of sexy underwear will become increasingly important.

9. Conclusion

In general, Taobao’s sexy underwear picture review is a very strict and important process.Merchants need to comply with the rules and standards of Taobao to ensure the legality and compliance of the product.At the same time, merchants also need to actively innovate and constantly update the pictures and display methods of products to meet changing consumer needs.

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