Taobao sex underwear to take pictures without code

Taobao sex underwear takes photos without code, causing controversy

On Taobao, the display of sexy underwear has been controversial, especially recently that some merchants have exposed the model’s privacy parts when showing sex underwear, which has caused a lot of response on the Internet.

The merchant insists that it is to show the effect of sexy underwear

For this situation, the merchants involved stated that in order to better show the effect of sexy underwear, the privacy parts of the model need to be exposed.At the same time, they believe that this method can attract buyers’ attention and increase product attention and sales.

Consumers are disgusted by this

However, most consumers do not agree with this approach.They believe that merchants do this to infringe the privacy of models and will affect consumers’ desire to buy to a certain extent.Because many people think that if merchants show the goods in this way, the quality and design of these products must not be good enough.

Questions of legitimacy

Taobao has been standardizing the display of sexy products, which also stipulates that the display of sexy underwear should follow the principle of "reasonable, civilized, and health".In this case, whether a merchant can show sexy underwear in this way, there are questions in legitimacy.

Suggestions are recommended

For such disputes, it is recommended that the platform party should strengthen the supervision of sexual product merchants, strictly standardize display methods, and avoid similar situations.At the same time, merchants should consciously abide by relevant regulations and conduct product display in a legal compliance.

How to show sexy underwear in a reasonable way

From a professional perspective, showing that sexy underwear can be used to show the design and quality of the underwear to show the purpose of attracting consumers.This method can not only protect the privacy of the model, but also in line with consumers and business interests.

Create a benign sexy underwear market environment

In the sexy underwear market, to build a benign competitive environment, we need to work together for platforms, merchants and consumers.The platform should strictly enforce relevant regulations and strengthen supervision when displaying sexy underwear in merchants; merchants should consciously abide by the rules and conduct product display in a legal way; consumers need to improve their awareness of self -protection and choose formal channels to buy sexy underwear.


For the problem of taking photos of Taobao sex underwear, we must look at and solve from multiple perspectives, display product display in a legal compliance, and create a good market environment.

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