Taobao Lieutes underwear model

Questy underwear model on Taobao

Taobao is a huge market, with a large number of sellers, among which there are many interesting underwear shops.Such shops need good -looking models to display underwear, attracting customers’ attention.So, how does the sexy underwear model on Taobao choose and shape?


First of all, you need to start with the appearance of sexy underwear models.Models need to have the advantages of figure, appearance, temperament and other aspects.Beauty contests, model contests, professional model schools, etc. are one of the channels for finding excellent sexy underwear models.In addition, on Taobao, sellers will also launch some model recruitment activities to screen appropriate models through registration and interviews.


In the display of erotic underwear, models’ positioning skills are also very important.Moderate posture and movement can enhance the attractiveness of the product.Different styles of underwear require different positioning methods, which can improve the level of models through professional training.

Shooting skills

Models need to master shooting skills. Different angles, lights, expressions, etc. will affect the presentation of underwear products.When the seller is filming with sexy underwear, he needs to communicate with the model, adjust the shooting direction, posture, expression, etc., and obtain the best shooting effect.


Sexy underwear display requires models with good temperament.Temperament is a reflection of comprehensive quality, including self -confidence, elegance, sexy, generous aspects.Various forms of expression art can improve the temperament of models, such as music, dance, drama, movies, etc.


When showing erotic underwear, the model needs taste.Taste is the ability to understand and express beauty, which determines whether the underwear worn by the model can attract the attention of the audience.Models need to have a unique taste. They can improve the taste through learning fashion information, tasting fashion design, and participating in fashion exhibitions.

Self -management

Sex underwear models need to be self -management and maintain the best state.Including diet, exercise, psychological regulation and other aspects, maintaining a good figure, mentality, emotion, etc. can help underwear to better display in front of customers.

Professional knowledge

Interest underwear models need to have certain professional knowledge.Including the nature of underwear and fabrics, understand the harm of the body when wearing, how to maintain underwear.Based on these knowledge, you can better display the characteristics of the underwear and help the seller’s sales.

Experience underwear

Models need to experience underwear in person to understand the characteristics and selling points of underwear.Only by understanding the characteristics of underwear can we present better in the display and provide customers with more purchase information and suggestions.

Combined with product characteristics

Sexy underwear models need to combine the product feature display of underwear.By understanding the selling point of the underwear, choose the appropriate display method, how to combine the characteristics of the underwear with the advantages of the model, so that customers can better understand the product, thereby increasing the possibility of buying.


In short, when choosing sexy underwear models, you need to comprehensively consider various factors such as appearance, temperament, positioning, shooting skills, taste, self -management, professional knowledge, and experience of underwear.Only by combining these factors can we find the most suitable models for promotion, so that underwear can be better displayed in front of customers.

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