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Start from the sexy underwear on Taobao Homepage

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China. There are many types of products, and all kinds of sexy underwear are also one of them.In the sexy underwear sector on Taobao’s homepage, we can find all kinds of underwear. Generally speaking, it can be divided into the following types:

1. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are the three parts of the three parts of the cup, bottom pants, and suspender.It can effectively create a wonderful curve of women’s bodies, but at the same time, it is not exposed, giving people imagination.Sexual feelings are usually made of thinner materials, which can highlight the body curve and make women more sexy and charming.

2. Classic sexy underwear

Classic erotic underwear is mainly based on some classic design elements, such as lace, roses, butterflies, etc., based on this, to conduct various creative combinations and matching, creating a charm and artistic underwear.Such underwear is often the first choice for women.

3. Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear, which means literally you can see the attributes under the underwear through the clothing.The sexy degree is relatively high, receiving visual stimuli, and at the same time has a mystery, it is a sexy lingerie style that is both coquettish and mysterious.

4. Bamboo fiber thin and sexy underwear

Bamboo slimness refers to passing consumers to the sexy and beautiful state of women’s "thin, beautiful", and has a graceful beauty after wearing.Such a slimming effect and durability are loved by consumers.

5. Dark Dark Intellectual Playing

Diablo -sexy underwear is not only black, but also has a unique sense of design.Black shows that women are restrained, mysterious and elegant, and show the unique self -confidence and sexy of modern women.It is usually suitable for women who like low -key and sexy sexy.

6. Infucker sexy underwear

Uniforms of sexy underwear are synonymous with sexy and romantic.Such as nurse, ninja, police, stewardess, etc., can show different charming and sexy.It is an option for many couples or couples as sex toys.

7. Tempting sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is more about a interesting and unexpected magical feeling to customers.These designs are full of personality and uniqueness, and are composed of various materials. Through their own light reflexes with the organic combination of female skin, they naturally give women a wonderful change.

8. Adult toy sexy underwear

Adult toy erotic underwear can bring more stimulus and pleasure to people, and the degree of popularity is getting worse.It can stimulate people’s taboos, increase the sense of freshness and happiness of sex, and make people’s emotions and lives more diverse.

in conclusion:

Most of these underwear types are based on new sexy underwear designed by modern women’s aesthetics and psychological attributes.For women who like sexy, these styles of underwear are not only decorating their bodies, but also an important means to create personal image and temperament.For men, they can also stimulate their psychology through sexy underwear, enhance their feelings, and bring more sexual satisfaction.In the end, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to your personal preferences and physical characteristics to better play the sexy effect of sexy underwear.

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