Take off your girlfriend’s sexy underwear novels


Today I want to share a little story about sexy underwear.A few days ago, I bought a set of sexual and erotic underwear for my girlfriend. When she put on underwear, I suddenly thought of an interesting idea: take off her girlfriend’s sexy lingerie and let her feel different feelings and experiences.So I started this anticipated plan.

Manufacture atmosphere

First of all, I think the most important thing is to create a comfortable, relaxed and warm atmosphere.I prepared a glass of red wine and comfortable bed for my girlfriend, and ordered some romantic candles and fragrance.Let her feel my love and care.

Enjoy the foreplay

Next, I started to make a foreplay for my girlfriend.When getting rid of sex underwear, you must not act in a hurry or hastily, nor do you just pay attention to the naked body.Pay attention to multi -directional stimuli, such as kissing, hugging, touching, bite, connecting your tongue, and so on.Let your girlfriend feel more sexy stimulus.

Start undarity

After preheating, we started the formal undressing process.When her lingerie was left, I stopped suddenly and told her that I wanted to do something different.Make her curious and looking forward to.She nodded and smiled at me.

Attention to detail

I think you should pay attention to details when doing things.Therefore, when I unlock my girlfriend’s underwear, I show my gentleman’s temperament as much as possible.I stroked her body and made her feel my love and care, and also implied my love and respect for her.

Take off slowly

When the underwear was completely taken off, I smiled for my girlfriend, and then slowly took off my clothes.I enjoy this process because it strengthens the intimate relationship between us, and at the same time makes me more invested.

Try different postures

When our bodies are sticking together, I started to use different postures to let my girlfriend feel different sexy experiences.These postures include holding her, squeezing her chest, patted her ass.All of this adds the freshness and excitement after the sexy underwear takes off.

Enjoy pleasure

Finally, when I slowly entered her body, we all felt a unique experience and pleasure.The process of getting rid of the sex underwear makes us closer, and we have a deeper emotional foundation.This intimacy is different from anything else, which gives us more excitement and passion.


This is the story of my erotic underwear.What I want to tell you is that sexy underwear is not just a sexy dress, it represents the emotional communication and mutual understanding of husband and wife.Taking this opportunity, I want to encourage everyone to pay more attention to their emotional life, keep trying and exploring new ways, so that the relationship between you and your partner is better.

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