Taiwan old film sexy underwear show


Taiwanese films have always been tear and comedy humor. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, many classic old films were involved in erotic and sex. Among them, the more typical of "Info Underwear Show".

Plot outline

"Interesting Underwear Show" was released in 1988, telling the love story between a young sexy underwear designer and a prostitute.In the story, the hero and the heroine started a relaxed and interesting interaction in the underwear store, and gradually they felt good at each other and eventually came together.

Sex underwear display

In the film, the fun underwear was adopted in large quantities, especially the costumes of the male and female protagonists and other actors were decorated with a lot of sexy underwear, reflecting the more open side of Taiwan society at that time.

Time backgroud

At that time, in Taiwan, with the pace of reform and opening up, brown movies also rose, and sexy underwear was understood and accepted by more people.The release of the film also meets the cultural needs of that era, so it received a good response in the market at that time.

The reason for the success of the film

In the film, there are not only beautiful pictures and vivid characters, but more importantly, the main creative team overcome sensitivity and moral prejudice in the performance theme, showing the real storyline, and successfully attracted the audience.

Promotion of the sexy underwear industry

The sexy lingerie styles displayed in the film are rich in style and novel colors. Different styles of styles can also meet the different needs of consumers.This also promotes the development of the sexy underwear industry, allowing more people to start trying to wear sexy underwear to increase life fun.

Double interpretation of sex culture

"Interesting Underwear Show" is not only a classic work in the Taiwanese film industry, but also as a sample of decoding culture.For the display of affectionate underwear in the film, people can understand from different perspectives: as sexual culture, business culture, or feminism.This also makes it easier for the film to promote and spread.

Balance of literature and market

The love underwear in the film is beautiful and real, and it also has a marketing effect.This is a manifestation of literary and artistic balance, so that the audience can also appreciate the commercial value represented by the works while appreciating art.

Classic worthy of aftertaste

"Interesting Underwear Show" has long been a classic of Taiwanese movies, and is considered an important division point for brown movies and new films in Taiwan.Although the expression of this film is already outdated, the cultural background it represents and the human nature problems involved in it are worthy of our reflection.


"Interesting Underwear Show" had an important impact in the Taiwanese film industry at that time, promoting the development of the sexy underwear industry and related cultural industries. At the same time, it also allowed more peopleDiversity and openness.


"Interesting Underwear Show" is a dazzling pearl in the history of the film industry in Taiwan. It is both a representative of literature and art and a good product in the market.The fun underwear style, character image, and storyline shown in the film are all witnesses of the changes of the times, and our thinking on human nature.

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