Strangers want me to wear sex underwear

Strangers want me to wear sex underwear

1. The requirements of encountering strange men

That night, I met a strange man on his way home alone.He looked very disgusting, always staring at me, and kept approaching me.Suddenly, he said an excessive sentence: I asked me to show him a sexy underwear.

2. What is the sexy underwear

Sexy underwear occupies an important position in sex culture. It can not only enhance the emotional experience, but also stimulate eroticism and meet sexual needs.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is softer and personal in material, while penetrating fashion elements, which is loved by women.

Third, understand different types of sexy underwear

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Depending on the style, sexy underwear mainly includes a variety of types such as geometric, mesh, hollow, corset, lace type, and stockings.Each type has its own characteristics, which can meet the needs of women with different body shapes, different skin tones, and different personalities.

Fourth, the choice of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you should consider many factors such as your body, skin color, and personality characteristics.For example, a more grand dress can be paired with excellent hollowed sexy underwear, while stockings -type sexy underwear is more suitable for combination with short skirts, making the legs more slender.

Five, the matching method of sexy underwear

When matched with sexy underwear, the harmony of the overall shape should be taken into account.You can choose a bright color tone such as black and red, or use it as a makeup accessories, showing a part of the jacket, creating different sexy charm.

6. Maintenance of sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is more troublesome. You need to pay attention to anti -ultraviolet rays, avoid moisture, and prohibit the use of washing machines.It is best to choose hand washing and use professional cleaner or neutral soapy water to avoid friction and scrubbing.When drying, you can hang it in a cool and ventilated place, but avoid being placed in direct sun.

Seven, sexual harassment has nothing to do with sexy underwear

Back that night, the strange man asked me to wear a sexy underwear very much, which was almost a kind of sexual harassment.In contrast, erotic underwear itself is not a vulgar, inferior item, nor should it be an excuse for sexual harassment.

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8. Reject the requirements of strange men

We should learn not to say no.Firm your own principles and reject inappropriate and excessive requirements.You don’t have to cater to the needs of others, respect yourself, and maintain self -dignity.

Nine, the attitude towards sexy underwear

In the right occasion and correct way, sexy underwear is a beautiful, sexy, fashionable basic underwear, not an ugly and cheap item.We should overcome psychological prejudice and paranoia, conform to the trend of the times, and feel the charm of freedom and freeness.

10. Conclusion

Although sexy underwear occupies an important position in sexual culture, it cannot be a representative of sexual harassment and unpopular behavior.Only by overcome prejudice and actively learn its cultural connotation can we better carry forward the beautiful things of sexy underwear.