Employee erotic underwear video

Employee erotic underwear video

Employee erotic underwear video

In recent years, more and more companies have begun to regulate the image of employees, including the choice of underwear. Therefore, the erotic underwear of employees has also become the focus of attention.For the company, it has become an increasingly common practice to provide employees with training videos about sexy underwear.This article will introduce the relevant content of employees’ sexy underwear videos.

1. Video content

Each company’s sexy underwear video content is different.Generally speaking, such videos will introduce the knowledge of different types of sexy underwear styles, colors, fabrics, wearing methods, and how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your physical characteristics and needs to choose your own.

2. Video form

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There are many forms of sexy underwear training videos, such as showing animation, presentations, and real -life demonstrations.Some companies will also invite professional models to demonstrate the effect of sexy underwear in different styles to help employees better understand.

3. Purpose and role

The main purpose of providing employees ‘fun underwear training videos is to standardize employees’ wear to ensure the unity and professionalism of the company’s image.In this way, employees can help employees more confidently show themselves, and at the same time can improve the company’s image and service quality and increase the favorability of customers.

4. Scope of application

Sex underwear training video is suitable for all employees who need to wear sexy underwear, such as makeup artists, etiquette, models, waiters, and so on.For positions that need to buy sexy underwear by employees, such as salespersons, they need to provide such video training.

5. Note

When providing sexy underwear training videos, you need to pay attention to protecting employees’ privacy and respect for employees.For some employees that may not be suitable for their underwear styles, they can provide corresponding options, or take other methods to solve it to avoid unnecessary restraints of employees.

6. Response and effect

Some companies have begun to use employees’ sexy underwear videos. According to feedback, the effect of this method is still relatively significant.In this way, employees can better understand the styles, characteristics and wearing effects of love underwear, improve the image of employees while better reflecting the company’s professionalism.


7. Supplementary training

The sexy underwear training video is just an auxiliary training method. For some employees with complicated employees in some sexy lingerie styles, further replenishment training is needed.You can train through the workshop, or arrange employees to go to the store to try on.

8. Regularly update

The trend and trend of sexy underwear have been changing as the times change. Therefore, the sexy underwear training video needs to be updated regularly to meet the needs of markets and customers.Regular updates can also help employees follow the trends and trends of the times to better meet the needs of customers.


By providing employees with rich sexual underwear knowledge and training, employees’ image and professionalism can be enhanced, thereby improving the company’s service quality and market competitiveness.However, sexy underwear training videos are just one of the auxiliary methods, and it also needs to cooperate with other training methods to achieve the best results.