Silk scarf derived shirt

Silk scarf derived shirt

1. Phenomenon

Interesting underwear, as a very high cost -effective fashion item, has become popular.However, with the continuous renewal and changes of the aesthetics, people gradually discover that simple sexy underwear cannot meet people’s more diverse and diverse needs.In this case, with a scarf will become a new possibility.

2. Material

As accessories, silk scarves have always had a high status.The scarf will not only add color, but also reflect the art materials such as yarn, lace.In terms of the material selection of sexy underwear, the style of silk products as the main material is the most suitable, because the silk material is very close and smooth, which can provide the body with excellent comfort.

3. Production materials

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In terms of the selection of silk scarves, it is more important to be its "production materials", which is mainly targeted at whether there are binding methods and systems.When choosing a matching silk scarf, you can consider choosing a style of a scarf or buttons, because the scarf knot and buttons not only have a fixed effect, but also can make a different emotional effect according to the characteristics of various figures.

4. Color

The selection criteria must be matched with personality and figure.If improper matching will bring discomfort and ugly effect to the image of the whole person.The light -colored silk scarf is suitable for the skin of the skin slightly fair and the slender supplier’s choice, which can set off the gloss of the skin.The dark -colored silk scarf is suitable for dark skin to choose from, so as to prevent white from being particularly light -colored skin quality.

5. Style

In the choice of sexy lingerie styles, you need to pay attention to the overall style. You cannot just do it casually.At this time, you can consider choosing a more simple sexy underwear in order to match the scarf above it.

6. Size

The size of the silk scarf is also the key to matching.Too small silk scarves will look thin and not plump; too large silk scarves will look loose and the effect is not obvious.A more moderate silk scarf can improve the overall effect of matching.

7. Structure

Pay attention to its structural design when choosing a silk scarf.For example, some fixed or adjustable silk scarves will provide a more powerful and more intriguing feeling.In the process of dressing, avoid loosening and ensure the comfort and stability of the entire dressing process.

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8. shape

The shape of the silk scarf is very important, and it is also the key.You can choose to hang on the key parts of the body or a slightly round style, so that the silk scarf is more suitable for sexy underwear in contours and visual, highlighting the overall effect.

9. Wearing skills

As an important match for sexy underwear, silk scarves need to consider wearing skills.You can adopt the "micro -dew" and "deep hidden" wearing laws, wrap parts of the silk scarf in sexy underwear, and let it be embellished in sexy underwear. Be careful not to expose too much.

10. Effect experience

After successful matching, the addition of silk scarves can bring an unexpected artistic charm to sexy underwear.Make the matchmaker’s figure permeate the extraordinary charm at every angle.The silk scarf becomes sexy underwear, which not only has visual stunning, but also improves the overall nature. It makes you want to get it, but you ca n’t get it.

Silk scarf derived underwear is really relaxed and chic. You can build a world that changes all the way in the sexy underwear, solve the unknown surprise, and experience diverse charm.