Leak crotch sexy underwear

Leak crotch sexy underwear


As a special underwear, sexy underwear can not only increase the confidence and sexy of the wearer, but also add fun to the life between husband and wife.And the crotch erotic underwear is one of the more popular types, because it can not only settle the female’s soft body lines, but also meet some special needs.This article will explore the style, materials and usage methods of missing crotch sex lingerie.


There are many styles of missed crotch and sexy underwear, the most common of which include:

Open crotch type: The front is all lace lace, and the lower part has an open crotch design, which is suitable for women who are open -character, advocate freedom and pursue excitement.

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Egg pants: Local highlight design can directly stimulate the sensitive parts of men, which is often regarded as a more extreme sexy underwear.

Dispot type: The main part is a T -shaped briefs, which expose the hips on both sides, which can effectively enhance personality and sexy.


The material of the crotch erotic underwear should be comfortable, breathable and soft fabric, such as lace, silk and cotton materials.Lace materials can highlight the sexy and soft beauty of women; silk materials have noble, elegant and intoxicating texture; cotton materials have the characteristics of sweat absorption and breathability, and can ensure the comfort and hygiene of the wearer.

Method of choosing

When choosing a crotch -loading underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First, choose the corresponding style according to your body and personality characteristics.

Second, choose comfortable, breathable and soft materials.

Finally, the selected size should be consistent with your actual size, too small or too much will affect the wear effect.

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Method of matching

Low crotch erotic underwear usually needs to be worn with other underwear or coats to achieve a more perfect effect.For example, you can match sexy suspenders, shirts and skirts.Among them, colors such as black, red, pink and white are more classic matching colors.

Use occasion

Low crotch sex underwear is usually used for special occasions, such as flirting on the bed, sex parties and sex games.However, it should be noted that before using the crotch and sexy underwear, make sure that your physical hygiene is good, so as not to cause unnecessary health problems.

Brand recommendation

Many brands on the market have launched crotch -leaking sexy underwear. Among them, it is worth recommending:

La Perla: This brand’s crotch erotic underwear is known for its elegant atmosphere, noble and elegant, suitable for women of different ages.

Agent Provocateur: This brand’s crotch erotic underwear is full of sexy and teasing elements, bold and elegant, especially suitable for young fashion groups.

Lascivious: This brand’s crotch erotic underwear is known for its highly sexy, bold and avant -garde, and is very popular in some sex parties.


Like the crotch lingerie, like ordinary underwear, it is necessary to carry out correct maintenance and washing.Generally speaking, it is best to wash it by hand, clean it with warm water and neutral detergent, and then rinse with water. Be careful not to sunlight when drying.

the way of buying

The crotch erotic underwear can be purchased through online and offline channels.Buy online, you can use some large e -commerce platforms, such as Tmall, Taobao, JD.com.Buy offline, you can go to some physical sex stores, such as Belle fun, joyful story, thinking media, marriage mouth fun, and so on.

Price range

The price range of the omissions of the crotch lingerie is generally between 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan, and the specific price depends on factors such as brands, materials, styles and quality.Some well -known brands have a high price of crotch and sexy underwear, but quality is really trustworthy.


Although the crotch erotic underwear has certain stimulation and fun, you need to pay attention to your physical hygiene and health when using it. You also need to pay attention to brand and material choices when buying.Only under the premise of ensuring safety can we better enjoy the fun brought by this special underwear.