Sex underwear production place

Sex underwear production place


As a unique underwear style, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in the market.But many people don’t know where these underwear is made.This article will introduce the place where sexy underwear is made.


The United States is an important place for sexy underwear.Honey Birdette and Agent Provocateur, located in Los Angeles, are well -known sexy underwear brands. They make their underwear styles in the United States.


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Britain is also one of the main regions of sexy underwear production.The country has many top brands, such as Bordelle and Coco de MER.These brands create their sexy underwear in the United Kingdom and provide global transportation services.

the Philippines

The Philippines is a emerging market for erotic underwear.The country’s factories can produce high -quality sexy underwear, and the labor cost is low, so many brands are considering transferring some manufacturing work here.


China is one of the world’s largest erotic underwear manufacturers.Due to low labor costs, Chinese manufacturers can usually provide competitive prices.In China, Shenzhen and Yiwu are the main locations of sexy underwear production.


Thailand is also an important country in sex underwear manufacturing, with many high -quality factories and manufacturers.The sexy underwear made by Thailand is also well received due to its fine craftsmanship and high -quality materials.


Brazil is one of the largest sexy underwear manufacturing countries in South America.Brazil’s sexy underwear is famous for its unique design style and diversity.Duloren is one of Brazil’s most famous sexy underwear brands.

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India is a emerging market for sexy underwear manufacturing, because many brands have begun to transfer its manufacturing business to the country.Although the labor cost is low, it is not easy to find high -quality manufacturers in India.


Italy is an important area of sexy underwear manufacturing. The country has many famous sexy underwear brands, such as La Perla and Intimissimi.In Italy, the manufacturing of sexy underwear usually uses traditional handmade manufacturing technology.


Mexico’s sexy underwear manufacturing is rapidly developing.More and more brands have found manufacturers in this country.Mexican manufacturers can usually produce high -quality sexy underwear at low prices.

in conclusion

The place where sexy lingerie is made in all parts of the world, and each region has its unique advantages.No matter where you create sexy lingerie, quality is always the most important factor.