Sex underwear and kimono stacking method

Sex underwear and kimono stacking method

Sex underwear and kimono stacking method

Step 1: Buy the right kimono

Before performing the kimono, you first need to buy a suitable kimono.Considering factors such as color, pattern, length, fabric.You can choose traditional Japanese kimono, or you can try some improved version of kimono.

Step 2: Washing kimono

Before stacking kimono, it is necessary to clean the kimono to ensure its clean and hygiene.Be careful not to use too irritating detergents, it is best to choose detergents specializing in kimono.

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Step 3: Facing kimono

Put the washing kimono on the clean ground and pull straight to make sure that there are no wrinkles or creases.If the kimono is long, you can match some shoes or cushions to raise the height of the kimono.

Step 4: Contest

Fold the kimono and align the two corners to ensure that the lines are neat and smooth.Start from below, until the neckline.The folding kimono should be a longer strip.

Step 5: Cuerfold again

Fold the folding kimono after the previous step, and fold it into a smaller square again.Pay attention to let the edges be aligned and keep neat.

Step 6: Place kimono

Take out the kimono drawer and place the folding kimono in the drawer.Be careful not to grin too tightly, leave the appropriate space to avoid kimono wrinkles.

Step 7: Choose the right way of stacking

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For different kimono styles, uses, and materials, there are different ways to choose from.It can be simply stacked, complex folds, or relatively special methods of stacking.

Step 8: Details of stacking

During the process of kimono, you need to pay attention to details.For example, avoid wrinkles that have been stacked; for kimono with patterns, to ensure symmetry and other parts of the pattern; for thicker kimono, consider its reality and avoid being too complicated.

Step 9: Moderate regular stacking

The kimono stack position should be replaced regularly to avoid long -term squeezing and causing fiber wear damage.It is best to turn over and overlap once a month, and check whether the color and form of the kimono are normal.

Step 10: Conclusion

Kimono is not just to make you more beautiful, but also an art and culture.Appropriate superposition methods can not only facilitate your daily life, but also protect the quality of kimono and prolong its life.