Inventory analysis diagram of sexy underwear types

Inventory analysis diagram of sexy underwear types

1. Swimsuit sexy underwear

Swimming -type sexy underwear is a common bikini underwear, which can well highlight the beauty of women.Common styles include three -point, four -point, five -point type, and so on.Their difference is that the number of thin bands connecting each part is different.This kind of sexy underwear is often made of lace, soft and comfortable.

2. Belly Boarded Love Underwear

The bellyband -style sexy underwear is the underwear that only covers the chest, suitable for those women who want to reveal the beautiful abdomen.Common styles include lace bellybands, hollow bellybands, rope bellybands and so on.This sexy underwear is novel in shape, revealing the sexy sexy is very eye -catching.

3. Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings -style erotic underwear means that underwear and stockings are integrated, and the two form a whole.This sexy underwear is relatively new, which can well set off a sexy body of women and show different charm.Stockings and underwear are usually made of lace and other materials, giving a noble and gorgeous feeling.

4. Sling -style sexy underwear

The suspender sexy underwear is a hanging underwear with a camisole, usually exposing women’s shoulders.Common styles include lace camisole, tube top camisole, deep V sling, and so on.This sexy underwear is beautiful and reveals a sexy and charming temperament.

5. Type sexy underwear

Type sexy underwear is a underwear made of tulle and other materials. It can usually see women’s posture through underwear.This kind of sexy underwear is usually worn with stockings, which can express the women’s style well.

6. Open -file sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is a designed design in the underwear.This sexy underwear can well meet the sexual fantasy needs of some women, and can also show the sexy charm of women.Common styles include flat mouth, T -shaped opening, and so on.

7. Set style sexy underwear

The set of sexy underwear is a set of underwear composed of the top and lower parts, which usually includes two parts: top and lower skirt.The tops are usually bikini, corset types, and their lower skirts are usually lace skirts or lace shorts.This sexy lingerie is rich and diverse, which can be suitable for different occasions.

8. Lace -style erotic underwear

Lace -style sexy underwear is a underwear made of lace and other materials, which usually gives a soft and charming feeling.Common styles include all -lace, lace border, lace lace type, and so on.This sexy underwear reveals a noble and delicate atmosphere, which can show women’s charming and sexy.

9. Frequent sexy underwear

The front buckle sexy underwear is an underwear designed in the front, which can be easily worn and removed.Common styles include opening buckle in front of the eye, front buckle in the zipper, and so on.This sexy underwear is very suitable for wearing on some special occasions, highlighting the sexy and maturity of women.

10. Shoulder -free sexy underwear

The shoulder -free sexy underwear is a kind of underwear without shoulder straps. Using a personal design can show the sexy curve of women well.Common styles include corset type, suspender type, shaping type, and so on.This kind of sexy underwear can be well dressed in various clothes, rich women’s dressing and matching methods.


There are many fun underwear styles, and everyone will have their favorite style and type.But no matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, the most important point is to be healthy, clean and comfortable.It can be able to exudes unique charm from the inside out.

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