Wear sexy underwear in front of my boyfriend

Introduction: sexy underwear to help love

Sex underwear refers to the performance of sexy, temptation, and comfort in terms of appearance design, material selection, color matching, detail processing, etc., so that the wearer shows sexy charm and confidence.It marks that modern women have transformed from the character of passive objects to the self -pursuit of sexy, and actively intoxicated in romance and love, and modern men are also full of curiosity and desire for exploration of sexy underwear.

1. Preparation

Before deciding to wear fun underwear, pay attention to preparations for the preliminary stage.First of all, we must fully understand the type, color, and styles that my boyfriend likes.Secondly, understand your physical characteristics and choose the style and size that suits you.Finally, before wearing a sexy underwear, do a good job of cleaning the whole body, including cleaning private parts, rubbing perfume or moisturizing.

2. Choose the right style

Choosing the right style is the key to showing sexy charm. Different figures and styles are suitable for different styles.For example, the style of tulle is suitable for women with graceful figures, and they can choose high -heeled shoes and necklace to highlight the advantages.

3. Properly expose sexy parts

Wearing sexy underwear should be properly exposed to sexy parts, such as chest, waist, legs, etc.However, when the part is exposed, it should not be exposed too much, so as to avoid losing sexy charm, but it will cause people to be disgusted.

4. Choose the right color

Color is also a very important element. When choosing the color, you can choose according to the preferences and occasions of your boyfriend.Some bright colors, such as purple, red, black, white, etc., are easy to cause sexual resonance effects.

5. Pay attention to detail processing

Details are also critical, such as choosing the proper underwear, stockings, high heels and other combinations, or with different accessories with different styles to enrich the overall effect.At the same time, be careful not to wrinkle, fall off when wearing fun underwear to maintain the overall sexy effect.

6. Pay attention to comfort

Although sexy underwear pays attention to the sexy effect, comfort is also important.Choose a good material and a comfortable sexy underwear not only makes you feel comfortable, but also makes your boyfriend feel close and charm.

7. Show self -confidence

Sexy is not only manifested on the outside, but also the key is to show the rich charm and charm.When wearing sexy underwear, we must be confident, show their charm, and enjoy confidence and happiness.In this way, people can feel your attractiveness.

8. Pay attention to the occasion selection

Sex underwear also needs to pay attention to the problems of applicable occasions.If you are alone at home, you can freely, don’t worry too much.If it is in the crowd, pay attention to the cultural level of the occasion and grasp it moderately.

9. You can try diversified matching

You can try a variety of different types of sexy underwear in matching to show your diverse charm.The more diversified the more diversified sexy underwear, the more you can feel fresh and interesting.

10. Conclusion: Interesting underwear is enjoying

The core of sexy underwear is to let women express their charm in sexy and love. The point is to let themselves enjoy this process, rather than let men play any role -sexy underwear is not to better cater to others.

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