Dressed in ancient dressing underwear love videos

Dressed in ancient dressing underwear love videos


The costumes of the costume underwear have been hot for a while, and people have begun to like this kind of freshness.In addition to experiencing a different lifestyle, you can also inspire people’s most true emotions in addition to experiencing a different lifestyle.Today, let’s discuss how to wear ancient clothes to shoot video.

Know your body

First of all, everyone’s figure is different, and you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Full women can choose to bodon with underwear, compress the chest, enhance the curve, and make them look more sexy and charming.Women with slim figures can choose a light and breathable style to make their bodies smoother.

Choose the suitable costume

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It is very critical to choose an appropriate costume in ancient costume underwear videos.You can choose ancient style long skirts, or Hanfu and other styles. These clothing can make you more classic beauty.Pay attention to comfort when choosing, because some costumes are very prone to discomfort.

Makeup and hairstyle

Makeup and hairstyles are also an indispensable link in the video of colorful underwear shooting.You can choose to clear the natural light makeup, or you can choose an exaggerated and gorgeous makeup, and choose according to your own person.The hairstyle must also consider the one that suits you to ensure the unified overall image.

Attitude and movement

Temperature sexy underwear videos need to use some classical postures and actions, such as literary fan dance, face -looking, etc. These actions can make the video more colorful.If you don’t know how to do, you can learn kung fu or dance, or you can watch some costume TV series to learn.

Select the right scene

The scene is also one of the indispensable elements in the video of the costumes of the costume underwear.You can go between the beautiful landscapes, or choose some buildings with ancient style to create a suitable scene.If the conditions are limited, you can also arrange a simple scene to shoot indoors.

Color matching

Color matching is also very important.In the costume of costumes, underwear videos are usually elegant and fresh color tones, and try to avoid the dazzling color as much as possible to avoid affecting the overall effect.In the choice of clothing and scenes, pay attention to the harmony of color matching.


Natural shooting

During the shooting process, we must be natural and smooth and try to avoid stiff performance.Let the shooting process naturally show the expressions and movements smoothly.Before shooting, you can make more preparations, such as adjusting your mentality and deep breath to keep yourself relaxing and confident.


After completing the shooting, it is also very important to perform post -production.You can improve video quality by editing, color adjustment, special effects and other methods.This requires good professional skills to learn related software for production.


Put on ancient clothes and lingerie, show themselves in this way, and bring people a freshness and visual impact to people.We tell how to wear ancient sexy underwear for video shooting, but the most important thing is the self -confidence and beauty display in the shooting process.Only in this way can the video more soul and more vivid.