Beauty sexy underwear open gear transparent pants

Beauty sexy underwear open gear transparent pants


Sexy sexy underwear has always been the dream of many women.One of the popular styles is opening transparent pants.In this article, we will introduce what is open transparent pants, and show you how to choose and wear this sexy underwear.

Definition of opening transparent pants

Opening transparent pants is a sexy and teasing sexy underwear.It is characterized by a pair of transparent texture pants, where there is a opening.This design allows women to perform sex activities without taking off their sexy underwear.

Choose the right opening transparent pants

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When you choose to open the transparent pants, you must pay attention to the quality.High -quality sexy underwear usually choose healthy and comfortable fabrics such as cotton blend.Make sure that the sexy underwear you choose is consistent with your body size, otherwise it will affect your comfort.

Way of matching

When you want to wear open transparent pants, you should not choose an over -tight top.Instead, you should choose a suitable swimsuit, underwear or transparent jacket.If you want to be more sexy, you can choose to pair with high heels or black off -toed socks.

Suitable occasion

The occasions of the opening of transparent pants are usually private or romantic and sexy occasions.They are very suitable for wearing or sharing some romantic time with their partners.If you want to wear open -stall transparent pants in public, but you don’t want to be too exposed, you can choose to pair with long sleeves or coats.


You need to pay special attention to some matters when choosing and dressing transparent pants.The first is to maintain personal hygiene.The second is to avoid wearing transparent pants in the sun, which will hurt your skin.Finally, you need to ensure that your body is in a good condition, and you must be more careful when choosing an open pants. Choose the appropriate design and quality.

Different materials

Open gear transparent pants are usually made of many different materials.For daily wear and health, you’d better choose cotton, silk or knitted fabrics.But if you want a more sexy effect, you can choose to use coating materials or shiny fabrics similar to silk.

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You can differently wear open transparent pants, but there are a few points to pay attention to.First, do not wear too much opening transparent pants too often, because excessive wear can cause discomfort and infection.Second, choose the size of your pants to ensure your comfort and health.

Brand recommendation

When buying open transparent pants, you need to choose a reliable brand.Brands such as COSMOSPO, SEYMOUR have good reputation and reliable quality assurance.

in conclusion

Opening transparent pants is a very sexy sexy underwear, but no matter what design, color, and styles you choose, you need to pay attention to your health and comfort.Choosing the right size and suitable materials can allow you to better enjoy your sexy time.