Zhao Liying’s Fun Underwear H

Zhao Liying’s Fun Underwear H


Zhao Liying is the goddess of male fans. Her beauty, temperament and dress have attracted much attention.In recent years, sex underwear has been favored by fans as the new darling in the underwear industry.So does Zhao Liying wear sexy underwear?This article will reveal the sexy lingerie styles that Zhao Liying once worn.

I. Jay Chou’s lover put on cute rabbit ears and sexy underwear H

A netizen broke the news that when Zhao Liying and Jay Chou were dating, they saw Zhao Liying wearing a lovely set of rabbit ears and sexy underwear H.This sexy lingerie style is relatively common, with simple design, combined with cute and sexy elements, which is very suitable for young women to wear.

Ii. The edge of light cooked style seduces sexy underwear H

When Zhao Liying participated in the TV series "Flower Thousand Bone", she once put on a set of light -familiar edges to seduce sexy lingerie H.This sexy underwear design is very individual and characteristic, with unique tailoring methods and design elements, allowing the wearer to transform sexy jade girl in one second.

III. Sexy tube top sexy underwear H

Sexy tube top sexy underwear H is the new in the sex underwear industry in recent years.This style of sexy underwear has no strap, and the chest is a tube top design, which is especially suitable for women with full chest.Zhao Liying was photographed by netizens on the street wearing a black sexy tube top sexy underwear H, with a pair of denim shorts, sexy and playful.

IV. Complete open sexy underwear H

Completely open sexy underwear H is one of the most challenging styles in the sex underwear industry. Its main feature is that there is no obstruction and is completely open.Zhao Liying once wore a set of white completely open sexy underwear H, which was amazing.However, this style of sexy underwear needs to have great courage and courage.

V. Elastic sequin sexy underwear H

Plastic sequins sex underwear H is a classic sexy lingerie style, which is popular because of its deep V -neck design and the decoration of sequins.When Zhao Liying was filming the cover of the magazine, she wore a red elastic sequin and sexy underwear H, which was unique and amazing.

Vi. Invisible traceless sexy underwear H

The invisible traceless sexy underwear H is suitable for wearing tight skirts or jeans, and does not want to expose the traces of underwear, and can also wear it in some special occasions.Zhao Liying once wearing an invisible traceless sexy underwear h in an interview, naturally comfortable wearing, without traces.

Vii. Grid lace sexy underwear H

Grid lace sexy underwear H is a retro -style sexy lingerie style. The main feature is black or red. The decoration of grid lace makes the wearer more sexy.Zhao Liying wearing a red grid lace sexy underwear H and a suspender skirt at a fashion party, with a suspender skirt, the temperament was showing.

Viii. Type semi -transparent sexy underwear H

The tulle semi -transparent sexy underwear H is more mysterious and seductive. The design is exquisite, which will show a good body curve of women.Zhao Liying once wore a white tulle semi -transparent sexy underwear H, light material and perspective design, showing her beauty and sexy.


The green suspender sex underwear H is based on green, the sling -like design is bright and sexy, which is in line with the trend of youth and vitality.Zhao Liying once wearing a green suspender erotic underwear H in an event.

X. Sexy lace Instead underwear H

Lace erotic underwear H is one of the most representative styles in the sex underwear industry. Its design inspiration comes from classical art elements and shows the beauty of women to the fullest.Zhao Liying once wearing a black sexy lace sexy underwear H in a fashion interview and a white long skirt, simple and high -level.

The above is the sexy lingerie style that Zhao Liying once worn. Each style has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. When choosing to wear sexy underwear, the wearer should choose the style that suits himself according to his body and temperament.