Yesterday I wore a newly bought sexy underwear

New experience

Yesterday I received a package, which contained my new sexy underwear.I have always been curious about sexy underwear, but I did n’t have the courage to buy it. This time I finally made up my mind.

Difficulty in choosing

After browsing on the website for a long time, I saw a variety of sexy lingerie styles.There are sexy, whipped, transparent, retro … I don’t know which one I want. Finally, I decided to choose a semi -transparent, lace -edge sexy underwear.

comfortable to wear?

When I put on a sexy underwear, I am not used to it.It is different from the material of ordinary underwear, hard and tight.At first, I was a little uncomfortable, but over time, I gradually adapted to its personal sense.

Improvement of confidence

After wearing a sexy underwear, I felt that I became more sexy.It makes me feel like a brave woman, ready to accept any challenges.This sense of self -confidence made me very excited. I feel that I am very different.

Become focus

When I walked on the road, I noticed that people looked at me more.Although my sexy underwear is only under the clothes, it makes me more sexy and more noticeable.I like to be the focus.

Attraction to a partner

When I saw my partner, he looked surprised, but also appreciated the sexy underwear on me.It adds more fun to our sexual life.I like to see my partner’s attraction, which makes me feel more confident and pleasant.

Change your own thoughts

Putting on sexy underwear makes me more confident and made me re -examine my attitude towards sex.I think this is a very positive and healthy attitude. In my opinion, exploration is a self -expression and lifestyle.

Traditional and modern balance

I found that sexy underwear well balanced tradition and modernity.It retains the sexy charm of women, but does not lose elegance and consumption.This makes me very satisfied.

Not just appearance

Wearing sexy underwear really makes me feel sexy, but this is not its only advantage.It can also bring me more self -confidence and liberation, making me feel more free.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my erotic lingerie purchase decision.It is not only a change in appearance, but also an experience that allows me to re -examine my and sexual attitude.In my opinion, sexy underwear is a good thing, deserves more women.

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