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Yang Mi’s sexy underwear looks attention

As a well -known actress in the Chinese entertainment industry today, Yang Mi has a unique vision and taste in fashion wear. Recently, she has posted a set of photos wearing all kinds of sexy underwear in social media, which has caused the public to have a piece of sexy underwear.Hot discussion.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and too private women’s underwear. They usually have some unique design features, such as lace lace, shoulder straps, and so on.In addition to conventional styles, there are some special styles in sex underwear, such as bellybands, low waist thongs, and so on.

Types of sexy underwear?

The types of sexy underwear are very rich.First, it can be divided into two categories: tradition and innovation.Traditional sexy underwear is the common styles we are familiar with. Most of them will be made of lace, tulle or transparent material. The commonly used colors are black, red, white, etc. The innovative sexy underwear uses new design concepts and production and productionMaterials, such as perspective, ergonomics, etc.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a common sexy lingerie style. It uses a translucent gauze or mesh material to show the female body curve.Perfecting underwear design has a variety of shapes, including suspenders, vests, panties and clothes combinations, etc., which can highlight the sexy and neutral charm of women.

Leather underwear

Compared with traditional sexy lingerie styles, leather underwear often has stronger gender attributes.Moreover, its appearance texture makes it look very high -end and can impress people.In many shooting or performances, female stars also like to use leather underwear to show their sexy and charm.


Mummy underwear is a unique sexy underwear, which is very creative in style.This underwear uses adhesive to wrap the multi -layer bandage on the body, exposing the female body, making the beauty of the beauty more tempting and enchanting.Although the mummy underwear is not comfortable and the skin burden is greater than other underwear, it has a very unique design beauty.

Net socks

Net socks are a traditional sexy underwear. It is characterized by making the legs more sexy and smooth.Female stars are usually worn with short skirts or shorts. Some good design styles will also add some elements, such as lace lace or hollow design, etc., to give full play to women’s unique beauty.


Through pants are a seemingly monotonous but sexy underwear. It only covers the key parts of women. Through the design of thongs, it completely releases the charm of women’s sexy.This underwear material is generally thin and sexy, which is very suitable for use in specific occasions, such as adult parties or campaign between husband and wife.


Stockings are more elegant and noble than net socks. Female stars like to wear them on publicity activities and partys, and put on them to show their more elegant and charming side.Stockings are made of very soft and smooth materials, which are very comfortable. The stockings, socks, thongs and other parts have gradually added more design elements with the fashion trend and design needs.

Bikini underwear

Bikini underwear is a light and vibrant sexy underwear, which is suitable for summer or on the beach.Models often use this underwear to express their sexy side, and many second -generation star wearing bikini underwear during vacation also impressed people, which promoted the development of bikini underwear to a certain extent.

Victoria’s Secret

When it comes to the brand of sexy underwear, Victoria’s secret is the most well -known brand.With some excellent design and advertising strategies, this brand has a huge popularity in the world in a short period of time.Victoria’s secrets have strong sexual sexual sexual sexual sexual sexual sex. The main endorsement of celebrities and sexy photos may also sometimes meet the needs of certain women than actual use.Victoria’s secret underwear has a lot of styles, and the price is relatively expensive, but it is a brand with good market share in China.


Sexy underwear is a sexy and more private women’s underwear. The earliest attracted people’s attention with sexy and mysterious expressions. Now they have gradually embarked on the fashion circle. Some famous actresses will wear on different occasions on different occasions.Interest underwear, add points for yourself.Through this article, everyone knows more about the types and styles of sexy underwear. In the face of a variety of sexy underwear in the market, you can easily choose the style that suits you!

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