Xu Jie’er Interesting Underwear Photo Video

Xu Jie’er Interesting Underwear Photo Video

Xu Jieer is a popular mainland actress. She has won the love and follow of countless people.Recently, Xu Jieer took a set of sexy underwear photos to make people addicted to it.Next, we will introduce these sexy charm one by one.

1. Sexy corset set

This set of underwear is made of black lace. The delicate mesh pattern and perspective design highlight Xu Jieer’s charm and charm.The center of the shoulder strap and corset is trimmed with coarse lace to make the whole underwear more three -dimensional.

2. Romantic lace jacket

This sexy jacket uses light and transparent lace, and has a flavor to wear on Xu Jieer.The design and color of lace lace are very romantic to make the entire underwear look romantic.

3. Heart -shaped suspender body shape

This set of sexy underwear is different from conventional body clothes. It uses a heart -shaped design with a cute bow.Black delicate lace and pink heart -shaped design match made Xu Jieer’s perfect figure more charming.

4. Charming perspective pajamas

This set of perspective pajamas is full of design, with rose red materials with black patterns, which looks a little mysterious.The waist and chest use the mesh see -through design, which can show Xu Jieer’s wonderful figure.

5. Perspective golden underwear suit

This set of underwear is golden, and the material uses the perspective lace, which highlights Xu Jieer’s body advantage.The pattern design on the chest complement the color of the golden lace, making Xu Jieer look more charming.

6. Three -dimensional shoulder straps inlaid diamond perspective corset

This underwear adopts a three -dimensional shoulder strap design, with diamonds inlaid on the corset, making Xu Jieer’s dress more noticeable.The transparent lace makes people see Xu Jieer’s graceful figure, and can also enjoy her beauty.

7. Lace lace bed skirt

This nighttime adopts pure white tone and exquisite lace lace design.The smooth fabric and the close version show Xu Jieer’s perfect curve body to the greatest extent, adding her sexy temperament.

8. Black perspective underwear suit

This set of underwear uses see -through black lace, which can show Xu Jieer’s perfect figure and a touch of mystery.The exquisite pattern and high -quality buttons on the chest make people fully appreciate Xu Jieer’s sexy charm.

9. Red color fun underwear suit

This red -colored lingerie suit shows Xu Jieer’s sexy figure.The combination of perspective lace and red color makes her more charming.The following split design and the design of the low V -neck highlight her body advantage.

10. Blue lace sleeping skirt

This blue lace sleeping skirt uses soft fabrics, making Xu Jieer feel very comfortable.The loose version can well modify Xu Jieer’s figure, slender lace lace design, and add a woman’s soft and delicate to the entire nightdress.

In general, the sexy underwear in Xu Jieer’s sexy underwear photo video shows her striking perfect curve.Whether it is color, fabric or design, it is very complemented.These sexy underwear can stimulate women’s self -confidence and sexy side, and can also meet the visual demands of men, which is the perfect display of sexy charm.

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