Woman spends 270,000 to buy sexy underwear

Woman spends 270,000 to buy sexy underwear

Recently, a woman spent 270,000 yuan on Taobao to buy a set of sexy underwear.This news is called heated discussion.Why is the sexy underwear so expensive and what are its styles and types? Let’s take a look together.

Falling underwear style and type

Sexy underwear is a specially designed women’s underwear, which is mainly used to increase the taste and pleasure in sex.Basically, a set of sexy lingerie styles are very bold or dew point design, which is almost not suitable for daily life.There are several common sexy underwear types:

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is one of the most common types of women wearing.They are usually tight -fitting styles that wrap the body, which can highlight the beautiful curve of women’s figure.Sexy underwear materials are also diverse, and can be silk, lace, chiffon, leather or other materials.

Leather sex underwear

The purpose of leather sex underwear design is to express the pleasure and freedom.Belt and metal rivets are usually used as elements.In the process of sex, wearing this underwear can increase your sexy index.

Peacock Tail Fun Underwear

The appearance of the peacock tails is very similar to the peacock feathers, beautiful and strange.Female women with slender figure and smooth skin.When a woman puts it on it and shakes her body, she covers her body like a peacock.

How to choose sexy underwear

The way to choose a sexy underwear is to choose from your own body shape. If you don’t choose well, it will easily lead to visual dislike.First of all, determine your body size. Secondly, when choosing a style, you must match your own temperament according to your preferences.The most important thing is not to evaluate the price and ignore the quality.Quality is important, because sexy underwear is very thin. Once the material is not good, it may be transparent or ruptured, resulting in awkward situation.

The reason why women spend 270,000 yuan to buy sexy underwear

Generally speaking, the price of sexy underwear is not very expensive.So why do this woman spend so much money to buy a set of sexy underwear?It is understood that this set of sexy underwear is a world -limited edition designed by well -known Italian brands.In order to take art photos, the woman did not really wear it under normal circumstances, so she thought that such a world -limited version of sexy underwear was worth investing.

Whether sexy underwear is worth investing

Some people may think that this is a luxury behavior for the investment of sexy underwear, but it is worth it for those who pursue their high -level life taste.Especially the global limited edition sexy underwear, as a collection, its uniqueness and audience may be widely wide. Therefore, collection and investment sexy underwear can also be an interesting choice.


The sexy underwear is very attractive because of its bold design, beautiful shape, and associated with sex.For those who want to explore love, sexy underwear may be a very good choice.At the same time, some world -limited version of sexy underwear can also be regarded as a kind of art and investment, and its value can be appreciated in the future.Therefore, no matter what the purpose you buy, you need to choose well. Do not blindly pursue the price and ignore the quality.

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