Will wear fun underwear with your girlfriend

1. The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been one of the essential elements of many couples at night.Wearing this underwear can not only make people feel mysterious and sexy, but also enhance the intimacy and emotional bond between husband and wife.

2. Choose a style that suits you

When buying sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose a style that suits you.Different figures and temperament are suitable for different combinations, such as funny lace styles, sexy mesh styles, low -key and delicious silk styles, and so on.Therefore, choose the most suitable style according to your own characteristics.

3. How to keep clean and hygienic

Sex underwear is usually soft and easy to fold, so you need to pay attention to details when cleaning.You can choose to wash or use a laundry bag to protect the details and texture of the underwear. At the same time, you should avoid using bleach to avoid damage to fibers.

4. With fun props to enhance experience

In addition to the charm of sexy underwear itself, with appropriate erotic props can enhance feelings and interests, such as handcuffs, collar, restraints, and so on.These accessories make the interaction between husband and wife more exciting and interesting.

5. Match the appropriate perfume

Perfume is a link that cannot be ignored in sexy underwear.Not only can it increase the fragrance of breath, it can also confuse the sense of smell and emotions of the other half, and further enhance the intimate atmosphere.

6. The choice of color is also important

Color choices can convey different emotions and atmosphere.For example, white and pink make people feel pure and cute, black and red make people feel sexy and mysterious.Select the right color according to the emotion you want to express.

7. Create a romantic atmosphere

When trying a new personality game, a romantic atmosphere is also very important.It can ignite the atmosphere and lights, play soft music, and even make some snacks and drinks, adding a sense of romance to the night between husband and wife.

8. Select with your partner

Finally, the process of choosing sexy underwear can also be the process of exploring and experienced with your partner.In the process of communicating with each other, you can understand each other’s preferences and needs, so that the interaction between husband and wife will be smoother and harmonious.

In short, sexy underwear is an important element to increase the romantic atmosphere at night.As long as you choose the right style, maintain hygiene and wear, match appropriate props and perfumes, create a romantic atmosphere, and explore with your partner, you can make the intimacy between the two people more firm and interesting.

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