Wife is dissatisfied with buying sexy underwear

Wife is dissatisfied with buying sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special sexy underwear, which is usually worn to increase interest.Compared with general underwear, sexy underwear is more decorative, passionate, and exquisite design, which is an essential part of modern women’s daily life.However, when you want to buy sexy underwear for your partner on the Internet or physical stores, there may be some problems to be solved.One of them is, if your wife is not satisfied with the sexy underwear you bought, what should you do?Let me discuss this problem.

Understand the needs of his wife

For men, understanding women’s needs is very important, which also includes their preferences and taboos.Buying sex underwear is no exception.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the first step is to understand the needs of his wife.She can analyze her preferences from the underwear she purchased in the past, or communicate directly with her to ask if she likes some type of sexy underwear.Only by understanding her needs can we buy targetedly.

Choose suitable colors and styles

Colors and styles are essential for the purchase of sexy underwear.In terms of color, warm colors can be used for relaxed and warm occasions, which can give people a natural and warm feeling; and when it is hotter, it is recommended to choose bright and deep colors, such as red, black or dark blue, which can make it allowPeople feel passionate.For styles, different people have different needs.Some people prefer fashionable and bold styles, while others prefer charming and sexy styles.Choosing the right sexy lingerie style is also one of the key.

Find the right size

Size is also a very important problem.Different women have different figures and body shapes, and their sizes are also different.If the size is not suitable, then a piece of erotic underwear will become tight or around the body, which will obviously destroy the good effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must ensure that the size is suitable.

Choose the quality with high comfort

Interest underwear does not have a good appearance.Texture and comfort are equally important.For her wife, she may wear sexy underwear all day, so she needs to wear comfortable and harmless sexy underwear.When choosing sexy underwear, be sure to see its material clearly, do not choose substances that are too irritating, impermeable, and allergic.

Budget matching

Choosing the right budget is equally important.If the budget is too low, it is difficult to get a sexy underwear with good quality and appearance; and the budget is too high, it may lead to higher quality construction, and the demand for appearance is omitted.Find the budget you can bear and buy the corresponding sexy underwear.

Multiple store comparison

Although we can buy sexy underwear in online stores and physical stores, the sexy underwear of different shops may be different.Therefore, when buying, try to find your favorite sexy underwear in different stores and compare it.Only through multi -angle inspections and comparisons can the right sexy underwear be selected.

Consider your wife

When choosing a sexy underwear, we must consider our wife.Don’t just care about satisfying your needs and preferences, but choose your favorite style, color and details.We need to buy underwear that meets his own needs in order to make her feel warm and loving.


Choose sexy underwear and meet your own needs, consider your own partner, listen to more communication, and understand their real needs and desires, so that the purchase of sexy underwear to buy is more intimate, considerate and suitable.I hope the above purchase methods will be helpful to everyone.

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