Why tear in sexy sheets

Why tear in sexy sheets

As a sexy underwear style, sexy underwear is a good thing used to stimulate interest and increase the atmosphere of flirting at the eyes of many people.However, in the actual use process, many people will tear up the sexy underwear.Why did this happen?

1. Inspire sexual desire

The most fundamental reason for tearing sex underwear is its sexy attributes.Wearing erotic underwear makes people feel more confident and sexy, and also makes people have stronger sexual desire.Therefore, when the desire increases, some people will not be able to control their behavior and want to directly meet their needs.

2. Try freshness

On the other hand, people’s desire to explore unknown and fresh things cannot be ignored.Especially for couples or couples who do not understand each other for a long time, tearing of sexy underwear can become a way to try freshness.

3. Increase interest

Interest underwear is based on enhancing the sexy ability of people. After wearing, it can not only stimulate the interests of both parties, but also increase the fun of sex.When using, through the way of tearing sex underwear, interest and stimulation can be increased to a greater extent.

4. Release the pressure

The pressure in life and work is inevitable, and some people will release these pressures through tearing of sexy underwear.In the process of wearing sexy underwear, people can try to vent their stress and troubles to achieve an emotional release effect.

5. Emotions that are difficult to control

Many times, after being stimulated by strong emotional stimuli, people will become difficult to control their behavior.For example, when facing extreme tension, anger, jealousy and other emotions, it is possible to tear up sexy underwear.

6. Imitation of movie plots

In some cases, people are also inspired by plots in movies or novels, and want to imitate the plot in the movie.For example, in "Fifty Degree Gray", the actor will tear the heroine’s sexy underwear, which has also become a sign of some people imitation.

7. Accidental situation

Sometimes, the material of the sexy underwear is not very strong, or some wear will appear after a long period of use.In this case, when people perform sexual behaviors, sexy underwear may have unexpected situations and is torn apart.

8. Personal hobbies

Finally, some people like to tear up the sexy underwear out of personal hobbies or preferences.In this case, there are no specific reasons or motivations, just because they like such behaviors.

in conclusion:

Tearing of sexy underwear can increase sexual interest and interest to a certain extent, but you should pay attention to your behavior when using it to avoid unnecessary harm to others or yourself.At the same time, grasping the timing and purpose of tearing sex underwear can also better increase the fun of sex.

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