Why is wearing a sexy underwear shorter?


Interest underwear is a very special underwear, which aims to bring more fun to people’s sexual life.Unlike traditional underwear, the materials and design of sexy underwear have been specially made to create more exciting feelings.In recent years, more and more people have begun to wear sexy underwear, making this market continue to prosper.However, some people think that the sexy underwear they recently purchased has become shorter. What are the reasons?Let’s answer it for you.

Brand difference

The first factor that may cause sexy underwear to become brand differences.The sexy underwear created by different brands may have different length design. The sexy underwear created by some brands is relatively short, while some brands are relatively long.If you have changed the brand recently, then you may find that your latest sexy underwear is different from the length of your own underwear, which is not surprising.Please check the brand of sexy underwear you buy to further determine whether it is a short -shrinkage caused by the brand difference.

Whether the size is appropriate

The size of sexy underwear is also a matter of attention.If you buy the sexy underwear size is not suitable for your body, the underwear may feel shorter because the material of the sexy lingerie is more flexible and thinner, which may cause the length of the underwear to be shorter than traditional underwear than traditional underwearEssenceIf you find that the sexy underwear you buy recently is shorter than the conventional underwear you bought, then you can try to buy a larger size, which may feel more suitable.

Different style

The style of sexy underwear is also a reason why you feel shorter.The materials and production technology used in different styles are different, so the length of the underwear may be different.Some styles pay more attention to personal sense, so their length will be relatively short, while some styles that pay more attention to the perspective effect may be longer.Therefore, compared with the sexy underwear you recently purchased, you can check whether their styles are similar. If not, this is a possible reason that makes you feel short.

Material shrinkage

Another reason may be rarely thought that the materials used in sex underwear may also shrink.If you accidentally overwhelm the heat when you go to wash your sexy underwear, the material will shrink, and it may happen even in cold water.If you notice that the length of the sexy underwear you buy is shorter than the previously bought underwear, then this may be caused by the shrinking of the material caused by improper cleaning.

Fancy design leads to abandonment

When buying sexy underwear, some people will find that they are very fancy and interesting, but when they put them on them, they feel uncomfortable.This may cause people to abandon these underwear.In order to increase fancy design, sometimes the length of sex underwear will be relatively short, which will make people who wear it feel uncomfortable.This is another reason that makes sexy underwear shorter.

Dressing posture problem

Wearing sexy underwear requires more skills and knowledge. If your posture is incorrect, your underwear may feel shorter.Practicing sexy underwear correctly can make it show its sufficient charm, and the wrong wear may lead to short shrinkage.Some erotic underwear is designed with uniquely. If you can’t put them on them correctly, the length may look shorter.

Comparison of new and old sexy underwear

If you have recently purchased sexy underwear, then you should compare these new underwear with the sexy underwear you already have.If you already have sexy underwear, then you will definitely notice whether they are shorter.If so, then find another reason in this comparison.If not, then this is the shortage of your newly purchased underwear materials and design.You can consider returning or buying a more comfortable size and style design.

The rapid change of the public trend

The design and manufacturing technology of sexy underwear is constantly changing.With the changes in the popular trend, sellers also need to keep keeping pace with the times to meet the needs of consumers.Therefore, the design and length of sexy underwear may change frequently.If you have already purchased sexy underwear for several years and feel that they have become shorter, then this may be caused by the rapid changes in the public trend.

The transparency of materials is different

The types of materials used by sexy underwear manufacturers when making sexy underwear are also the most important factor.Some underwear manufacturers will use materials to make transparent underwear, because transparent underwear is very important for sexy underwear.However, such materials also have certain requirements for underwear lengths.Therefore, the length of sexy underwear is usually shorter.If you have the same sexy underwear, the same brand, and the same size, but the length is different, then it is likely to be made of different materials you buy.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for the shorter sex underwear. The materials used in different brands and styles are definitely one of the main factors.At the same time, the size and material shrinkage may also be one of the reasons for short shrinkage.To understand these factors, you will have more information when buying sexy underwear, and you will be able to know which factors may shorten your underwear.Using these techniques and knowledge to find a sexy underwear that suits you, you can experience the fun brought by sexy underwear.

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